"Haines detached from his underlip some fibres of tobacco before he spoke.
— I can quite understand that, he said calmly. An Irishman must think like that, I daresay. We feel in England that we have treated you rather unfairly. It seems history is to blame.
The proud potent titles clanged over Stephen's memory the triumph of their brazen bells: et unam sanctam catholicam et apostolicam ecclesiam: the slow growth and change of rite and dogma like his own rare thoughts, a chemistry of stars." (U1.645)
"Symbol of the apostles in the mass for pope Marcellus, the voices blended, singing alone loud in affirmation: and behind their chant the vigilant angel of the church militant disarmed and menaced her heresiarchs. A horde of heresies fleeing with mitres awry:" (U1.653)
"Photius and the brood of mockers of whom Mulligan was one," (U1.656)
"and Arius, warring his life long upon the consubstantiality of the Son with the Father, and Valentine, spurning Christ's terrene body, and the subtle African heresiarch Sabellius who held that the Father was Himself His own Son. Words Mulligan had spoken a moment since in mockery to the stranger. Idle mockery." (U1.657)
"The void awaits surely all them that weave the wind: a menace, a disarming and a worsting from those embattled angels of the church, Michael's host, who defend her ever in the hour of conflict with their lances and their shields.
Hear, hear! Prolonged applause. Zut! Nom de Dieu!" (1.661)
"- Of course I'm a Britisher, Haines's voice said, and I feel as one. I don't want to see my country fall into the hands of German jews either. That's our national problem, I'm afraid, just now." (U1.666)
"Two men stood at the verge of the cliff, watching: businessman, boatman.
- She's making for Bullock harbour.
The boatman nodded towards the north of the bay with some disdain.
- There's five fathoms out there, he said. It'll be swept up that way when the tide comes in about one. It's nine days today." (U1.669)
"The man that was drowned. A sail veering about the blank bay waiting for a swollen bundle to bob up, roll over to the sun a puffy face, saltwhite. Here I am.
They followed the winding path down to the creek. Buck Mulligan stood on a stone, in shirtsleeves, his unclipped tie rippling over his shoulder. A young man clinging to a spur of rock near him moved slowly frogwise his green legs in the deep jelly of the water." (U1.675)
"- Is the brother with you, Malachi?
- Down in Westmeath. With the Bannons.
- Still there? I got a card from Bannon. Says he found a sweet young thing down there. Photo girl he calls her.
- Snapshot, eh? Brief exposure." (U1.682)
Buck Mulligan sat down to unlace his boots. An elderly man shot up near the spur of rock a blowing red face. He scrambled up by the stones, water glistening on his pate and on its garland of grey hair, water rilling over his chest and paunch and spilling jets out of his black sagging loincloth.
Buck Mulligan made way for him to scramble past and, glancing at Haines and Stephen, crossed himself piously with his thumbnail at brow and lips and breastbone." (U1.687)
"- Seymour's back in town, the young man said, grasping again his spur of rock. Chucked medicine and going in for the army.
- Ah, go to God! Buck Mulligan said.
- Going over next week to stew. You know that red Carlisle girl, Lily?
- Yes.
- Spooning with him last night on the pier. The father is rotto with money.
- Is she up the pole?
- Better ask Seymour that.
- Seymour a bleeding officer! Buck Mulligan said." (U1.695)
"He nodded to himself as he drew off his trousers and stood up, saying tritely:
- Redheaded women buck like goats." (U1.704)
"He broke off in alarm, feeling his side under his flapping shirt.
- My twelfth rib is gone, he cried. I'm the Übermensch." (U1.707)
"Toothless Kinch and I, the supermen." (U1.708)
"He struggled out of his shirt and flung it behind him to where his clothes lay.
- Are you going in here, Malachi?
- Yes. Make room in the bed." (U1.710)
"The young man shoved himself backward through the water and reached the middle of the creek in two long clean strokes." (U1.714)
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