"Buck Mulligan stood up from his laughing scribbling, laughing: and then gravely said, honeying malice:
- I called upon the bard Kinch at his summer residence in upper Mecklenburgh street and found him deep in the study of the Summa contra Gentiles" (U9.1086)
"in the company of two gonorrheal ladies, Fresh Nelly and Rosalie, the coalquay whore.
He broke away." (U9.1090)
"— Come, Kinch. Come, wandering Aengus of the birds.
Come, Kinch. You have eaten all we left. Ay. I will serve you your orts and offals.
Stephen rose.
Life is many days. This will end.
— We shall see you tonight, John Eglinton said. Notre ami Moore says Malachi Mulligan must be there.
Buck Mulligan flaunted his slip and panama.
— Monsieur Moore, he said, lecturer on French letters to the youth of Ireland. I'll be there. Come, Kinch, the bards must drink. Can you walk straight?" ([U9.1093])
"Laughing, he....
Swill till eleven. Irish nights entertainment.
Lubber ....
Stephen followed a lubber...
One day in the national library we had a discussion. Shakes. After. His lub back: I followed. I gall his kibe.
Stephen, greeting, then all amort, followed a lubber jester, a wellkempt head, newbarbered, out of the vaulted cell into a shattering daylight of no thought.
What have I learned? Of them? Of me?
Walk like Haines now." (U9.1103)
"One day in the national library we had a discussion. Shakes. After. His lub back: I followed. I gall his kibe." (U9.1108)
"The constant readers' room. In the readers' book Cashel Boyle O'Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell parafes his polysyllables. Item: was Hamlet mad? The quaker's pate godlily with a priesteen in booktalk.
- O please do, sir...I shall be most pleased
Amused Buck Mulligan mused in pleasant murmur with himself, selfnodding:
- A pleased bottom.
The turnstile." (9.1115)
"Is that...? Blueribboned hat...? Idly writing...? What...? Looked...?
The curving balustrade: smoothsliding Mincius.
Puck Mulligan, panamahelmeted, went step by step, iambing, trolling:
- John Eglinton, my jo, John,
Why won't you wed a wife?
He spluttered to the air:
- O, the chinless Chinaman! Chin Chon Eg Lin Ton." (U9.1123)
"We went over to their playbox, Haines and I, the plumbers' hall.Our players are creating a new art for Europe like the Greeks or M. Maeterlinck." (U9.1129)

The Abbey Theatre (= National Theatre of Ireland), opened on December 27th 1904, in a building on Lower Abbey street known as The Mechanics' Hall. The programme, of which Mulligan and Haines had a sneak preview, was 3 one-act plays: 'On Baile's Strand' and 'Cathleen Ni­ Houlihan' by W.B. Yeats, and 'Spreading the News' by Lady Gregory.
"Abbey Theatre! I smell the pubic sweat of monks.
He spat blank." (U9.1131)

The Abbey was closely associated with the Celtic Revival. Its founding was the joint effort of the Irish Literary Theatre (founded 1899 by Lady Gregory, Edward Martyn and W.B. Yeats, with the help of George Moore), Irish actors William and Frank Fay, and manager Annie Horniman."
"Forgot: any more than he forgot the whipping lousy Lucy gave him." (U9.1134)

Sir Thomas Lucy (1532 - 1560) was an English squire in Warwickshire. Nicholas Rowe wrote (1710) that Lucy prosecuted Shakespeare for stealing a deer from Charlecote Park in 1585, and the bard aggravated the offense by mocking Lucy in a ballad. The incident, it is said, drove Shakespeare from Stratford to London.
"And left the femme de trente ans. And why no other children born? And his first child a girl?
Afterwit. Go back.
The dour recluse still there (he has his cake) and the douce youngling, minion of pleasure, Phedo's toyable fair hair.
Eh ... I just eh .... wanted ... I forgot ... eh ...
— Longworth and M'Curdy Atkinson were there ..." (U9.1135)
"Puck Mulligan footed featly, trilling:
— I hardly hear the purlieu cry
Or a Tommy talk as I pass one by
Before my thoughts begin to run
On F. M'Curdy Atkinson,
The same that had the wooden leg
And that filibustering filibeg
That never dared to slake his drouth,
Magee that had the chinless mouth.
Being afraid to marry on earth
They masturbated for all they were worth.
Jest on. Know thyself.
Halted, below me, a quizzer looks at me. I halt.
— Mournful mummer, Buck Mulligan moaned. Synge has left off wearing black to be like nature. Only crows, priests and English coal are black.
A laugh tripped over his lips." (U9.1142)
"— Longworth is awfully sick, he said, after what you wrote about that old hake Gregory. O you inquisitional drunken jewjesuit! She gets you a job on the paper and then you go and slate her drivel to Jaysus." (U9.1158)
"Couldn't you do the Yeats touch?
He went on and down, mopping, chanting with waving graceful arms:
— The most beautiful book that has come out of our country in my time." (U9.1160)
"One thinks of Homer.
He stopped at the stairfoot.
— I have conceived a play for the mummers, he said solemnly.
The pillared Moorish hall, shadows entwined. Gone the nine men's morrice with caps of indices In sweetly varying voices Buck Mulligan read his tablet:

—Everyman His Own Wife
A Honeymoon in the Hand
(a national immorality in three orgasms)
Ballocky Mulligan

He turned a happy patch's smirk to Stephen, saying:
— The disguise, I fear, is thin. But listen.
He read, marcato:
— Characters:
TOBY TOSTOFF (a ruined Pole)
(a bushranger)
and } (two birds with one stone)
MOTHER GROGAN (a watercarrier)
ROSALIE (the coalquay whore). (U9.1165)
"He laughed, lolling a to and fro head, walking on, followed by Stephen: and mirthfully he told the shadows, souls of men:" (U9.1190)
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