"The lost armada is his jeer in Love's Labour Lost. His pageants, the histories, sail fullbellied on a tide of Mafeking enthusiasm. Warwickshire jesuits are tried and we have a porter's theory of equivocation. The Sea Venture comes home from Bermudas and the play Renan admired is written with Patsy Caliban, our American cousin. The sugared sonnets follow Sidney's." (U9.752)
"As for fay Elizabeth, otherwise carrotty Bess," (U9.757)
"the gross virgin who inspired The Merry Wives of Windsor, let some meinherr from Almany grope his life long for deephid meanings in the depths of the buckbasket.
I think you're getting on very nicely. Just mix up a mixture of theolologicophilolological. Mingo, minxi, mictum, mingere." (U9.758)
"— Prove that he was a jew, John Eglinton dared,'expectantly. Your dean of studies holds he was a holy Roman.
Sufflaminandus sum." (U9.763)
"— He was made in Germany,, Stephen replied, as the champion French polisher of Italian scandals." (U9.766)
"— A myriadminded man, Mr Best reminded. Coleridge called him myriadminded." (U9.768)
"Amplius. In societate humana hoe est maxime necessarium ut sit amicitia inter multos.
— Saint Thomas, Stephen began ..." (U9.770)
"- Ora pro nobis, Monk Mulligan groaned, sinking to a chair." (U9.773)

Ora Pro Nobis in Latin = Pray for us.
"There he keened a wailing rune.
- Pogue mahone! Acushla machree! It's destroyed we are from this day! It's destroyed we are surely!" (U9.774)
"All smiled their smiles." (U9.777)
"- Saint Thomas, Stephen, smiling, said, whose gorbellied works I enjoy reading in the original, writing of inc/est from a standpoint different from that of the new Viennese school Mr Magee spoke of, likens it in his wise and curious way to an avarice of the emotions. He means that the love so given to one near in blood is covetously withheld from some stranger who, it may be, hungers for it. Jews, whom christians tax with avarice, are of all races the most given to intermarriage." (U9.778)
"Accusations are made in anger. The christian laws which built up the hoards of the jews (for whom, as for the lollards, storm was shelter) bound their affections too with hoops of steel. Whether these be sins or virtues old Nobodaddy will tell us at doomsday leet." (U9.784)
"But a man who holds so tightly to what he calls his rights over what he calls his debts will hold tightly also to what he calls his rights over her whom he calls his wife. No sir smile neighbour shall covet his ox or his wife or his manservant or his maidservant or his jackass." (U9.788)
"— Or his jennyass, Buck Mulligan antiphoned." (U9.792)
"— Gentle Will is being roughly handled, gentle Mr Best said gently.
— Which will? gagged sweetly Buck Mulligan. We are getting mixed.
— The will to live, John Eglinton philosophised, for poor Ann, Will's widow, is the will to die.
— Requiescat! Stephen prayed." (U9.793)
"What of all the will to do?
It has vanished long ago ..." ([U9.798])
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