"The keeper of the shelter in the middle of this tête-à-tête put a boiling swimming cup of a choice concoction labelled coffee on the table and a rather antediluvian specimen of a bun, or so it seemed, after which he beat a retreat to his counter, Mr Bloom determining to have a good square look at him later on so as not to appear to... for which reason he encouraged Stephen to proceed with his eyes while he did the honours by surreptitiously pushing the cup of what was temporarily supposed to be called coffee gradually nearer him." (U16.354)
"He turned his body half round, shut up his right eye completely, then he screwed his features up some way sideways and glared out into the night with an unprepossessing cast of countenance.
- Pom! he then shouted once.
The entire audience waited, anticipating an additional detonation, there being still a further egg." (U16.395)
"-Pom! he shouted twice.
Egg two evidently demolished, he nodded and winked, adding bloodthirstily:" (U16.401)
"- Buffalo Bill shoots to kill,
Never missed nor he never will.
A silence ensued till Mr Bloom for agreeableness' sake just felt like asking him whether it was for a marksmanship competition like the Bisley." (U16.40)4
"A silence ensued till Mr Bloom for agreeableness' sake just felt like asking him whether it was for a marksmanship competition like the Bisley." (U16.406)
"— Beg pardon, the sailor said.
— Long ago? Mr Bloom pursued without flinching a hairsbreadth. " (U16.408)
"- Curious coincidence, Mr Bloom confided to Stephen unobtrusively.
- Murphy's my name, the sailor continued, D.B. Murphy, of Carrigaloe. Know where that is?
- Queenstown Harbour, Stephen replied." (U16.414)
"- That's right, the sailor said. Fort Camden and Fort Carlisle. That's where I hails from. I belongs there. That's where I hails from. My little woman's down there. She's waiting for me, I know. For England," (U16.418)"
"home and beauty. She's my own true wife I haven't seen for seven years now, sailing about." (U16.420)
"Mr Bloom could easily picture his advent on this scene, the homecoming to the mariner's roadside shieling after having diddled Davy Jones, a rainy night with a blind moon. Across the world for a wife. Quite a number of stories there were on that particular Alice Ben Bolt topic," (U16.422)
"Enoch Arden and Rip van Winkle and does anybody hereabouts remember Caoc O'Leary, a favourite and most trying declamation piece by the way of poor John Casey and a bit of perfect poetry in its own small way. Never about the runaway wife coming back, however much devoted to the absentee. The face at the window!" (U16.425)
"There's my discharge. See? D.B. Murphy, A.B.S.
In confirmation of which statement he extricated from an inside pocket and handed to his neighbours a not very cleanlooking folded document.
- You must have seen a fair share of the world, the keeper remarked, leaning on the counter.
- Why, the sailor answered upon reflection upon it, I've circumnavigated a bit since I first joined on. I was in the Red Sea. I was in China and North America and South America." (U16.452)
"We was chased by pirates one voyage. I seen icebergs plenty, growlers. I was in Stockholm and the Black Sea, the Dardanelles under Captain Dalton, the best bloody man that ever scuttled a ship. I seen Russia. Gospodi pomilyou. That's how the Russians prays." (U16.460)
"- You seen queer sights, don't be talking, put in a jarvey.
- Why, the sailor said, shifting his partially chewed plug, I seen queer things too, ups and downs." (U16.464)
"I seen a crocodile bite the fluke of an anchor same as I chew that quid.
He took out of his mouth the pulpy quid and, lodging it between his teeth, bit ferociously.
- Khaan! Like that." (U16.465)
"And I seen maneaters in Peru that eats corpses and the livers of horses. Look here. Here they are. A friend of mine sent me.
He fumbled out a picture postcard from his inside pocket, which seemed to be in its way a species of repository, and pushed it along the table." (U16.470)
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