"Elephant of Denmark, Skinner's and Probyn's horse, Lincoln's Inn bencher" (U15.4451)

The Order of the Elephant (Danish: Elefantordenen) is the highest order of Denmark. Of ancient origin, it was instituted in its current form in 1693 by King Christian V. It is headed by the Danish monarch, and includes members of the royal family; it may be bestowed on foreign heads of state (and exceptionally on a commoner). Its badge is an elephant of white-enamelled gold carrying a watch tower; in front of the tower a Moor is sitting, holding a golden spear. The body of the elephant bears a cross of diamonds, and the monogram of the bestowing monarch. Edward (son-in-law of King Christian IX of Denmark) became a member in 1901.
"and ancient and honourable artillery company of Massachusetts." (U17.4453)

The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company (HAC) of Massaschussetts (1638) is nowadays a military parade and ceremony group. It is the third oldest chartered military organization in the world. It originated following the landing at Plymouth, when the new settlements had no organized military force for protection. Boston settlers who had been members of the HAC of London (organized 1537) decided in 1637 to start a similar organization in the new country; Governor Winthrop granted them a Charter in 1638. HRH Albert Edward Prince of Wales was Commander of the HAC of London; he was unanimously voted an honorary member of the AHC of Massaschusets in 1863, an honor he was offered and officially accepted in 1878.
"He sucks a red jujube. He is robed as a grand elect perfect and sublime mason with trowel and apron,"

"marked made in Germany. In his left hand he holds a plasterer's bucket on which is printed Defense d'uriner. A roar of welcome greets him.)"


(Slowly, solemnly but indistinctly.) Peace, perfect peace. For identification, bucket in my hand. Cheerio, boys."

"(He turns to his subjects.) We have come here to witness a clean straight fight and we heartily wish both men the best of good luck. Mahak makar a bak. (He shakes hands with Private Carr, Private Compton, Stephen, Bloom and Lynch.)

(General applause. Edward the Seventh lifts his bucket graciously in acknowledgement.)

(to Stephen) Say it again.

(nervous, friendly, pulls himself up) I understand your point of view though I have no king myself for the moment. This is the age of patent medicines. A discussion is difficult down here. But this is the point. You die for your country. Suppose. (he places his arm on Private Carr's sleeve) Not that I wish it for you. But I say: Let my country die for me. Up to the present it has done so. I didn't want it to die. Damn death. Long live life!"


(Levitates over heaps of slain, in the garb and with the halo of Joking Jesus, a white jujube in his phosphorescent face.)
My methods are new and are causing surprise.
To make the blind see I throw dust in their eyes.


Kings and unicorns! (he fills back a pace) Come somewhere and we'll... What was that girl saying ...?"


Eh, Harry, give him a kick in the knackers. Stick one into Jerry.

(to the privates, softly) He doesn't know what he's saying. Taken a little more than is good for him. Absinthe. Greeneyed monster. I know him. He's a gentleman, a poet. It's all right."


(nods, smiling and laughing) Gentleman, patriot, scholar and judge of impostors.

I don't give a bugger who he is.


We don't give a bugger who he is." (U15.4489)

I seem to annoy them. Green rag to a bull."

"(Kevin Egan of Paris in black Spanish tasselled shirt and peep-o'-day boy's hat signs to Stephen.)"


H'lo! Bonjour! The vieille ogresse with the dents jaunes."

"(Patrice Egan peeps from behind, his rabbitface nibbling a quince leaf.)




(in medieval hauberk, two wild geese volant on his helm, with noble indignation points a mailed hand against the privates) Werf those eykes to footboden, big grand porcos of johnyellows todos covered of gravy!

(to Stephen) Come home. You'll get into trouble.


(swaying) I don't avoid it. He provokes my intelligence.


One immediately observes that he is of patrician lineage."


Green above the red, says he. Wolfe Tone.


The red's as good as the green. And better. Up the soldiers! Up King Edward!

(laughs) Ay! Hands up to De Wet."


(with a huge emerald muffler and shillelagh, calls)"