I was just going home by Gardiner street when I happened to ...


(laughs) Sure they wanted me to join in with the mots. No, by God, says I. Not for old stagers like myself and yourself. (he laughs again and leers with lacklustre eye) Thanks be to God we have it in the house, what, eh, do you follow me? Hah, hah, hah!"

"(The horse neighs)


Hohohohohohoh! Hohohohome!"


Sure it was Behan, our jarvey there, that told me after we left the two commercials in Mrs Cohen's and I told him to pull up and got off to see. (He laughs.) Sober hearsedrivers a specialty. Will I give him a lift home? Where does he hang out? Somewhere in Cabra, what?"


No, in Sandycove, I believe, from what he let drop.
(Stephen, prone, breathes to the stars. Corny Kelleher, asquint, drawls at the horse. Bloom, in gloom, looms down.)


(Scratches his nape.) Sandycove! (He bends down and calls to Stephen.) Eh! (He calls again.) Eh! He's covered with shavings anyhow. Take care they didn't lift anything off him."


No, no, no. I have his money and his hat here and stick.


Ah, well, he'll get over it. No bones broken. Well, I'll shove along. (he laughs) I've a rendezvous in the morning. Burying the dead. Safe home!


(neighs) Hohohohohome.


Good night. I'll just wait and take him along in a few ...

(Corny Kelleher returns to the outside car and mounts it. The horseharness jingles.)"

(from the car, standing) Night.


(The jarvey chucks the reins and raises his whip encouragingly.The car and horse back slowly, awkwardly, and turn. Corny Kelleher on the sideseat sways his head to and fro in sign of mirth at Bloom's plight. The jarvey joins in the mute pantomimic merriment nodding from the farther seat. Bloom shakes his head in mute mirthful reply.


(Frowns.) Who? Black panther. Vampire. (He sighs and stretches himself, then murmurs thickly with prolonged vowels.)
Who... drive... Fergus now
And pierce... wood's woven shade...?

(He turns on his left side, sighing, doubling himself together.)"

"A dog barks in the distance. Bloom tightens and loosens his grip on the ashplant. He looks down on Stephen's face and form.)


(communes with the night) Face reminds me of his poor mother. In the shady wood. The deep white breast. Ferguson, I think I caught. A girl. Some girl."

"Best thing could happen him. (he murmurs) ..swear that I will always hail, ever conceal, never reveal, any part or parts, art or arts ..(he murmurs) ..in the rough sands of the sea… a cabletow's length from the shore.... where the tide ebbs.... and flows ..... "

"(Silent, thoughtful, alert he stands on guard, his fingers at his lips in the attitude of secret master. Against the dark wall a figure appears slowly, a fairy boy of eleven, a changeling, kidnapped, dressed in an Eton suit with glass shoes and a little bronze helmet,"

"holding a book in his hand. He reads from right to left inaudibly, smiling, kissing the page.)


(Wonderstruck, calls inaudibly.) Rudy!


(Gazes unseeing into Bloom's eyes and goes on reading, kissing, smiling. He has a delicate mauve face. On his suit he has diamond and ruby buttons."

"In his free left hand he holds a slim ivory cane with a violet bowknot. A white lambkin peeps out of his waistcoat pocket."


The description of Rudy is reminiscent of John the Baptist, when depicted with Jesus as the sacrifial lamb (= Agnus Dei).
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