"Lord Edward Fitzgerald against Lord Gerald Fitzedward," (U15.4686)
"The O'Donoghue of The Glens against The Glens of The O'Donoghue. On an eminence, the centre of the earth, rises the feldaltar of Saint Barbara. Black candles rise from its gospel and epistle horns. From the high barbacans of the tower two shafts of light fall on the smokepalled altarstone. On the altarstone Mrs Mina Purefoy, goddess of unreason, lies, naked, fettered, a chalice resting on her swollen belly." (U15.4687)

The O'Donoghue of the Glens, also Lord of Glenflesk, is the hereditary chieftain of the cadet line of the Eoganachta dynasty of Munster. Originally styled Princes of Eoghanacht Loch Lein (Eoganacht Locha Léin), an area extending from the Roughty River at Kenmare, to Lough Lein at Killarney, the Clan divided at an early period into the distinct chiefly lines of O'Donoghue Mor (extinct since the 16c.), and O'Donoghue of the Glens. This photo is Daniel O'Donoghue (1831 - 1889), who served in the British Parliament as M.P. for Tipperary (1857 - 1865) then for Tralee (1865 - 1885).
"Father Malachi O'Flynn, in a lace petticoat and reversed chasuble, his two left feet back to the front, celebrates camp mass. The Reverend Mr Hugh C Haines Love M.A. in a plain cassock and mortarboard, his head and collar back to the front, holds over the celebrant's head an open umbrella.)" (U15.4693)
(Breaks loose.) I'll insult him.
(He rushes towards Stephen, fists outstretched, and strikes him in the face. Stephen totters, collapses, falls, stunned. He lies prone, his face to the sky, his hat rolling to the wall. Bloom follows and picks it up.)" (U15.4745)
"Let them go and fight the Boers!" (U15.4760)
Listen to who's talking! Hasn't the soldier a right to go with his girl? He gave him the coward's blow.
(They grab at each other's hair, claw at each other and spit.)" (U15.4761)
(To the watch, with drawling eye.) That's all right. I know him. Won a bit on the races. Gold cup. Throwaway. (He laughs.) Twenty to one. Do you follow me?

(Turns to the crowd.) Here, what are you all gaping at? Move on out of that.
(The crowd disperses slowly, muttering, down the lane.)" (U15.4812)
"With my tooraloom tooraloom tooraloom tooraloom. What, eh, do you follow me?

(Genially.) Ah, sure we were too.

(winking) Boys will be boys. I've a car round there.

All right, Mr Kelleher. Good night.

I'll see to that." (U15.4827)
"(he mumbles confidentially) We don't want any scandal, you understand. Father is a wellknown highly respected citizen. Just a little wild oats, you understand.

O, I understand, sir.

That's all right, sir.

It was only in case of corporal injuries I'd have to report it at the station.

(Nods rapidly.) Naturally. Quite right. Only your bounden duty." (U15.4839)
(Laughs, pointing his thumb over his right shoulder to the car brought up against the scaffolding.) Two commercials that were standing fizz in Jammet's. Like princes, faith. One of them lost two quid on the race. Drowning his grief. And were on for a go with the jolly girls. So I landed them up on Behan's car and down to nighttown." (U15.4859)
Hohohohohohoh! Hohohohome!

Sure it was Behan, our jarvey there, that told me after we left the two commercials in Mrs Cohen's and I told him to pull up and got off to see. (He laughs.) Sober hearsedrivers a specialty. Will I give him a lift home? Where does he hang out? Somewhere in Cabra, what?" (U18.4878)
No, in Sandycove, I believe, from what he let drop.
(Stephen, prone, breathes to the stars. Corny Kelleher, asquint, drawls at the horse. Bloom, in gloom, looms down.)

(Scratches his nape.) Sandycove! (He bends down and calls to Stephen.) Eh! (He calls again.) Eh! He's covered with shavings anyhow. Take care they didn't lift anything off him." (U15.4885)
(Frowns.) Who? Black panther. Vampire. (He sighs and stretches himself, then murmurs thickly with prolonged vowels.)
Who... drive... Fergus now
And pierce... wood's woven shade...?
(He turns on his left side, sighing, doubling himself together.)" (U15.4929)
"(Silent, thoughtful, alert he stands on guard, his fingers at his lips in the attitude of secret master. Against the dark wall a figure appears slowly, a fairy boy of eleven, a changeling, kidnapped, dressed in an Eton suit with glass shoes and a little bronze helmet, holding a book in his hand. He reads from right to left inaudibly, smiling, kissing the page.)

(Wonderstruck, calls inaudibly.) Rudy!

(Gazes unseeing into Bloom's eyes and goes on reading, kissing, smiling. He has a delicate mauve face. On his suit he has diamond and ruby buttons." (U15.4955)
"In his free left hand he holds a slim ivory cane with a violet bowknot. A white lambkin peeps out of his waistcoat pocket." (U15.4966)

The description of Rudy is reminiscent of John the Baptist, when depicted with Jesus as the sacrifial lamb (= Agnus Dei).
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