Down! (He taps her on the shoulder with his fan.) Incline feet forward! Slide left foot one pace back. You will fall. You are falling. On the hands down!


(Her eyes upturned in the sign of admiration, closing, yaps.) Truffles!
(With a piercing epileptic cry she sinks on all fours, grunting, snuffling, rooting at his feet"


The Linati scheme for Circe designates Bella as Circe. This engraving (1886) shows Circe turning the unhappy Greeks into Swine.
"places his heel on her neck and grinds it in) Footstool! Feel my entire weight. Bow, bondslave, before the throne of your despot's glorious heels so glistening in their proud erectness.


(enthralled, bleats) I promise never to disobey."


(Laughs loudly.) Holy smoke! You little know what's in store for you. I'm the Tartar to settle your little lot and break you in! I'll bet Kentucky cocktails all round I shame it out of you, old son. Cheek me, I dare you. If you do, tremble in anticipation of heel discipline to be inflicted in gym costume."

"(Bloom creeps under the sofa and peers out through the fringe.)"


(widening her slip to screen her) She's not here.


(closing her eyes) She's not here.


(hiding her with her gown) She didn't mean it, Mr Bello. She'll be good, sir.


Don't be too hard on her, Mr Bello. Sure you won't, ma'amsir."


(Coaxingly.) Come, ducky dear, I want a word with you, darling, just to administer correction. Just a little heart to heart talk, sweety. (Bloom puts out her timid head.) There's a good girly now."

"(Bello grabs her hair violently and drags her forward.) I only want to correct you for your own good on a soft safe spot. How's that tender behind?"

"O, ever so gently, pet."

"Begin to get ready."


(Fainting.) Don't tear my..."

"I shall sit on your ottoman saddleback every morning after my thumping good breakfast of Matterson's fat hamrashers and a bottle of Guinness's porter. (He belches.)"

"And suck my thumping good Stock Exchange cigar while I read the Licensed Victualler's Gazette."

"Very possibly I shall have you slaughtered and skewered in my stables and enjoy a slice of you with crisp crackling from the baking tin basted and baked like sucking pig with rice and lemon or currant sauce. It will hurt you.

(He twists her arm. Bloom squeals, turning turtle.)"


Don't be cruel, nurse! Don't!


(Twisting.) Another!


(Screams.) O, it's hell itself! Every nerve in my body aches like mad!"

(Shouts.) Good, by the rumping jumping general! That's the best bit of news I heard these six weeks. Here, don't keep me waiting, damn you! (He slaps her face.)

(Whimpers.) You're after hitting me. I'll tell..." (U15.2909)
Hold him down,, girls, till I squat on him.

Yes. Walk on him! I will.

I will. Don't be greedy.

No, me. Lend him to me." (U15.2915)
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