"When we were hard up I washed them to save the laundry bill. My own shirts I turned. It was the purest thrift."


(Jeers.) Little jobs that make mother pleased, eh? And showed off coquettishly in your domino at the mirror behind closedrawn blinds your unskirted thighs and hegoat's udders in various poses of surrender, eh? Ho! ho! I have to laugh!"

"That secondhand black operatop shift and short trunkleg naughties all split up the stitches at her last rape that Mrs Miriam Dandrade sold you from the Shelbourne Hotel, eh?


Miriam, Black. Demimondaine."


(Guffaws.) Christ Almighty it's too tickling, this! You were a nicelooking Miriam when you clipped off your backgate hairs"

"and lay swooning in the thing across the bed as Mrs Dandrade about to be violated by lieutenant Smythe-Smythe, Mr Philip Augustus Blockwell M.P.,"

"Signor Laci Daremo, the robust tenor, blueeyed Bert the liftboy,"

"Henry Fleury of Gordon Bennett fame,"

"Sheridan, the quadroon Croesus, the varsity wetbob eight from old Trinity, Ponto, her splendid Newfoundland and Bobs, dowager duchess of Manorhamilton."

"(He guffaws again.) Christ, wouldn't it make a Siamese cat laugh?"


(Her hands and features working.) It was Gerald converted me to be a true corsetlover when I was female impersonator in the High School play Vice Versa. It was dear Gerald. He got that kink, fascinated by sister's stays."

"Now dearest Gerald uses pinky greasepaint and gilds his eyelids. Cult of the beautiful."


(With wicked glee.) Beautiful! Give us a breather! When you took your seat with womanish care, lifting your billowy flounces, on the smoothworn throne."


Science. To compare the various joys we each enjoy. (earnestly) And really it's better the position .... because often I used to wet ....


(sternly) No insubordination! The sawdust is there in the corner for you. I gave you strict instructions, didn't I? Do it standing, sir! I'll teach you to behave like a jinkleman! If I catch a trace on your swaddles. Aha! By the ass of the Dorans you'll find I'm a martinet. The sins of your past are rising against you. Many. Hundreds."

"Aha! By the ass of the Dorans you'll find I'm a martinet. The sins of your past are rising against you. Many. Hundreds.


(in a medley of voices) He went through a form of clandestine marriage with at least one woman in the shadow of the Black church."


'Doran's Ass' is a 19c. British ballad (author unknown). A variant of it was published by J.O. Bebbington sometime before 1859, and archived at the Bodleian Library. Paddy Doyle, who loves Bridget O'Toole, falls asleep drunk by the side of the road. Doran's ass comes and lies next to him. Dreaming of Biddy, Paddy smugs and hugs the ass. But when the ass starts to bray, Paddy flees to Biddy, telling her he met the devil!
"Unspeakable messages he telephoned mentally to Miss Dunn at an address in D'Olier street"

"while he presented himself indecently to the instrument in the call box. By word and deed he frankly encouraged a nocturnal strumpet to deposit fecal and other matter in an unsanitary outhouse attached to empty premises. In five public conveniences he wrote pencilled messages offering his nuptial partner to all strongmembered males."

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