(Hearing a male voice in talk with the whores on the doorstep, pricks his ears.) If it were he? After? Or because not? Or the double event?"


(tears open the silverfoil) Fingers was made before forks. (she breaks off and nibbles a piece,"

"gives a piece to Kitty Ricketts and then turns kittenishly to Lynch) No objection to French lozenges? (He nods. She taunts him.) Have it now or wait till you get it? (He opens his mouth, his head cocked. She whirls the prize in left circle. His head follows. She whirls it back in right circle. He eyes her.) Catch!"

"(She tosses a piece. With an adroit snap he catches it and bites it through with a crack.)


(Chewing.) The engineer I was with at the bazaar does have lovely ones. Full of the best liqueurs. And the viceroy was there with his lady. The gas we had on the Toft's hobbyhorses. I'm giddy still."

(In Svengali's fur overcoat,"

"with folded arms and Napoleonic forelock, frowns in ventriloquial exorcism with piercing eagle glance towards the door. Then rigid with left foot advanced he makes a swift pass with impelling fingers and gives the sign of past master, drawing his right arm downwards from his left shoulder.) Go, go, go, I conjure you, whoever you are!"

"(A male cough and tread are heard passing through the mist outside. Bloom's features relax. He places a hand in his waistcoat, posing calmly Zoe offers him chocolate.)


(solemnly) Thanks.


Do as you're bid. Here!

(A firm heelclacking tread is heard on the stairs.)"


(Takes the chocolate.) Aphrodisiac? Tansy and pennyroyal. But I bought it. Vanilla calms or? Mnemo. Confused light confuses memory. Red influences lupus. Colours affect women's characters, any they have."

"This black makes me sad. Eat and be merry for tomorrow. (He eats.) Influence taste too, mauve. But it is so long since I. Seems new. Aphro. That priest. Must come. Better late than never. Try truffles at Andrews."

"(The door opens. Bella Cohen, a massive whoremistress, enters [...] Her eyes are deeply carboned. She has a sprouting moustache. Her olive face is heavy, slightly sweated and fullnosed, with orangetainted nostrils. She has large pendant beryl eardrops." (U15.2742)
"She is dressed in a threequarter ivory gown, fringed round the hem with tasselled selvedge, and cools herself flirting a black horn fan like Minnie Hauck in Carmen. On her left hand are wedding and keeper rings."

"like Minnie Hauck in Carmen."


Minnie Hauck (or Hauk) is an American mezzosoprano opera singer (1851 - 1929), and the most celebrated Carmen of the 19c. She first appeared in this role in Brussels (1877) and sang it more than 500 times in French, English, German or Italian. Her vivid portrayal was recalled by Klein: "The gypsy appeared strutting forward with hand on hip and flower in mouth... The voice itself was not remarkable for sweetness or sympathetic charm, though strong and full enough in the middle register, but somehow, its rather thin, penetrating timbre sounded just right in a character whose music called for the expression of heartless sensuality, caprice, cruelty and fantastic defiance." Hauk became so identified with Carmen that French newspapers claimed that she was Spanish and previously a bullfighter.
"(She glances around her at the couples. Then her eyes rest on Bloom with hard insistence. Her large fan winnows wind towards her heated faceneck and embonpoint. Her falcon eyes glitter.)"

"(flirting quickly, then slowly) Married, I see.


Yes. Partly, I have mislaid.....


(half opening, then closing) And the missus is master. Petticoat government.


(looks down with a sheepish grin) That is so."


(folding together, rests against her left eardrop)"

"Have you forgotten me?


Nes. Yo."

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