Ask for that every ten minutes. Beg. Pray for it as you never prayed before. (he thrusts out a figged fist and foul cigar) Here, kiss that. Both. Kiss. (he throws a leg astride and, pressing with horseman's knees, calls in a hard voice) .Gee up! A cockhorse to Banbury cross."


From the nursey rhythme:
"Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a Fyne lady ride on a white horse.
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
She shall have music wherever she goes."

It was first seen in print in 1784, lthough known in its current form since at least 1760.
Banbury is a town in North Oxfordshire, England. The Banbury Cross, which is located on a roundabout in the middle of the town, was erected in 1859 to celebrate the wedding of Prince Frederick of Prussia to his bride, the original cross having been pulled down some 250 years earlier. Apart from the Cross, Banbury is also known for its Banbury Cakes (that Bloom feeds to the gulls in Lestrygonians).
"I'll ride him for the Eclipse stakes. (He bends sideways and squeezes his mount's testicles roughly, shouting.) Ho! Off we pop! I'll nurse you in proper fashion." (U15.2944)

The Eclipse Stakes is an annual (July) Group 1 flat race for thoroughbreds over 3 year old. First run in 1886, it was named after the celebrated 18c. racehorse Eclipse. It is run at Sandown Park Racecourse (UK) over a distance of ~2km. The colt Ard Patrick was the winner in 1903.
"(He horserides cockhorse, leaping in the, in the saddle.) The lady goes a pace a pace and the coachman goes a trot a trot and the gentleman goes a gallop a gallop a gallop a gallop."

(Pulls at Bello.) Let me on him now. You had enough. I asked before you.

(Pulling at Florry.) Me. Me. Are you not finished with him yet, suckeress?

(Stifling.) Can't.

Well, I'm not. Wait. (He holds in his breath.) Curse it. Here. This bung's about burst. (He uncorks himself behind: then, contorting his features, farts stoutly.) Take that! (He recorks himself.) Yes, by Jingo, sixteen three quarters."

(A sweat breaking out over him.) Not man. (He sniffs.) Woman."


(Stands up.) No more blow hot and cold."

"What you longed for has come to pass. Henceforth you are unmanned and mine in earnest, a thing under the yoke."

"Now for your punishment frock. You will shed your male garments, you understand, Ruby Cohen? and don the shot silk luxuriously rustling over head and shoulders. And quickly too!


(Shrinks.) Silk, mistress said! O crinkly! scrapy! Must I tiptouch it with my nails?"


(Points to his whores.) As they are now so will you be, wigged, singed, perfumesprayed, ricepowdered, with smoothshaven armpits."

"Tape measurements will be taken next your skin. You will be laced with cruel force into vicelike corsets of soft dove coutille with whalebone busk to the diamondtrimmed pelvis, the absolute outside edge,"

"while your figure, plumper than when at large, will be restrained in nettight frocks, pretty two ounce petticoats and fringes and things stamped, of course, with my houseflag, creations of lovely lingerie for Alice and nice scent for Alice. Alice will feel the pullpull. Martha and Mary will be a little chilly at first in such delicate thighcasing but the frilly flimsiness of lace round your bare knees will remind you..."


(Charming soubrette with dauby cheeks, mustard hair and large male hands and nose, leering mouth.) I tried her things on only once, a small prank, in Holles street."

"When we were hard up I washed them to save the laundry bill. My own shirts I turned. It was the purest thrift."


(Jeers.) Little jobs that make mother pleased, eh? And showed off coquettishly in your domino at the mirror behind closedrawn blinds your unskirted thighs and hegoat's udders in various poses of surrender, eh? Ho! ho! I have to laugh!"

"That secondhand black operatop shift and short trunkleg naughties all split up the stitches at her last rape that Mrs Miriam Dandrade sold you from the Shelbourne Hotel, eh?


Miriam, Black. Demimondaine."


(Guffaws.) Christ Almighty it's too tickling, this! You were a nicelooking Miriam when you clipped off your backgate hairs"

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