(Laughs.) And to such delights has Metchnikoff inoculated anthropoid apes.


(nods) Locomotor ataxy."


(gaily) O, my dictionary."


Three wise virgins."


(Agueshaken, profuse yellow spawn foaming over his bony epileptic lips.) She sold lovephiltres, whitewax, orangeflower. Panther, the Roman centurion, polluted her with his genitories. (He sticks out a flickering phosphorescent scorpion tongue, his hand on his fork.) Messiah! He burst her tympanum."

"(With gibbering baboon's cries he jerks his hips in the cynical spasm.) Hik! Hek! Hak! Hok! Huk! Kok! Kuk!

(Ben Jumbo Dollard, rubicund, musclebound, hairynostrilled, hugebearded, cabbageeared, shaggychested, shockmaned, fatpapped, stands forth, his loins and genitals tightened into a pair of black bathing bagslops.)"


(nakkering castanet bones in his huge padded paws, yodels jovially in base barreltone) When love absorbs my ardent soul.

(The virgins Nurse Callan and Nurse Quigley burst through the ringkeepers and the ropes and mob him with open arms.)


(gushingly) Big Ben! Ben my Chree!


Hold that fellow with the bad breeches."


(smites his thigh in abundant laughter) Hold him now.


(caressing on his breast a severed female head, murmurs) Thine heart, mine love."

"(he plucks his lutestrings) When first I saw...


(sloughing his skins, his multitudinous plumage moulting) Rats! (he yawns, showing a coalblack throat, and closes his jaws by an upward push of his parchmentroll) After having said which I took my departure. Farewell. Fare thee well. Dreck!"

"(Henry Flower combs his moustache and beard rapidly with a pocketcomb and gives a cow's lick to his hair. Steered by his rapier, he glides to the door, his wild harp slung behind him. Virag reaches the door in two ungainly stilthops, his tail cocked,"

"and deftly claps sideways on the wall a pusyellow flybill,"

"butting it with his head."


K.11. Post No Bills. Strictly confidential. Dr Hy Franks.


All is lost now."

"(Virag unscrews his head in a trice and holds it under his arm)



(Exeunt severally.)


(over his shoulder to Zoe) You would have preferred the fighting parson who founded the protestant error."

"But beware Antisthenes, the dog sage, and the last end of Arius Heresiarchus. The agony in the closet.


All one and the same God to her.


(devoutly) And sovereign Lord of all things.


(to Stephen) I'm sure you're a spoiled priest. Or a monk."


He is. A cardinal's son.


Cardinal sin. Monks of the screw.

His Eminence Simon Stephen Cardinal Dedalus, primate of all Ireland, appears in the doorway, dressed in red soutane, sandals and socks. Seven dwarf simian acolytes, also in red, cardinal sins, uphold his train,"


Conservio lies captured
1He lies in the lowest dungeon
With manacles and chains around his limbs
Weighing upwards of three tons."

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