Card of the races. Racing card!
Ten to one the field!
Tommy on the clay here! Tommy on the clay!
Ten to one bar one! Ten to one bar one!
Try your luck on Spinning Jenny!
Ten to one bar one!" (U15.3964)
"Sell the monkey, boys! Sell the monkey!
I'll give ten to one!
Ten to one bar one!
(A dark horse, riderless, bolts like a phantom past the winningpost, his mane moonfoaming, his eyeballs stars. The field follows, a bunch of bucking mounts. Skeleton horses, Sceptre, Maximum the Second, Zinfandel, the Duke of Westminster's Shotover, Repulse, the Duke of Beaufort's Ceylon, prix de Paris." (U15.3971)
"the Duke of Westminster's Shotover," (U15.3977)
"Dwarfs ride them, rustyarmoured, leaping, leaping in their, in their saddles." (U15.3978)
"(A yoke of buckets leopards all over him and his rearing nag a torrent of mutton broth with dancing coins of carrots, barley, onions, turnips, potatoes.)

Soft day, sir John! Soft day, your honour!
(Private Carr, Private Compton and Cissy Caffrey pass beneath the windows, singing in discord.)" (U15.3990)
Hark! Our friend noise in the street!

(Holds up her hand.) Stop!

Yet I've a sort of a
Yorkshire relish for... " (U15.3997)
That's me. (She claps her hands.) Dance! Dance! (She runs to the pianola.) Who has twopence?


(Handing her coins.) Here.

(Cracking his fingers impatiently.) Quick! Quick! Where's my augur's rod? (He runs to the piano and takes his ashplant, beating his foot in tripudium.)" (U15.4004)
(Turns the drumhandle.) There.

(She drops two pennies in the slot. Gold, pink and violet lights start forth. The drum turns purring in low hesitation waltz." (U15.4014)
"Stephen, arming Zoe with exaggerated grace, begins to waltz her around the room. Bloom stands aside. Her sleeve falling from gracing arms reveals a white fleshflower of vaccination. Between the curtains, Professor Maginni inserts a leg on the toepoint of which spins a silk hat. With a deft kick he sends it spinning to his crown and jauntyhatted skates in. He wears a slate frockcoat with claret silk lapels, a gorget of cream tulle, a green lowcut waistcoat, stock collar with white kerchief, tight lavender trousers, patent pumps and canary gloves. In his buttonhole is an immense dahlia. He twirls in reversed directions a clouded cane, then wedges it tight in his oxter. He places a hand limply on his breastbone, bows, and fondles his flower and buttons.)" (15.4027)
The poetry of motion, art of calisthenics. No connection with Madam Legget Byrne's or Levinstone's. Fancy dress balls arranged. Deportment. The Katty Lanner step. So. Watch me! My terpsichorean abilities. (He minuets forward three paces on tripping bee's feet.) Tout le monde an avant! Reverence! Tout le monde en place!" (U15.4041)
"(From a corner the morning hours run out, goldhaired, slimsandalled, in girlish blue, waspwaisted, with innocent hands. Nimbly they dance, twirling their skipping ropes." (U15.4054)
"The hours of noon follow in amber gold. Laughing, linked, high haircombs flashing they catch the sun in mocking mirrors, lifting their arms.)" (U15.4056)
"(The morning and noon hours waltz in their places, turning, advancing to each other, shaping their curves, bowing visavis. Cavaliers behind them arch and suspend their arms, with hands descending to, touching, rising from their shoulders.)

You may touch my.

May I touch your?

O, but lightly!

O, so lightly!" (U15.4061)
Les tiroirs! Chaîne de dames! La corbeille! Dos à dos!

(Arabesquing wearily they weave a pattern on the floor, weaving, unweaving, curtseying, twirling, simply swirling.)

I'm giddy!

(She frees herself, droops on a chair. Stephen seizes Florry and turns with her.)" (U15.4089)
Boulangère! Les ronds! Les ponts! Chevaux de bois! Escargots!

(Twining, receding, with interchanging hands the night hours link each each with arching arms in a mosaic of movements. Stephen and Florry turn cumbrously.)

Dansez avec vos dames! Changez de dames! Donnez le petit bouquet à votre dame! Remerciez!" (U15.4097)
"All wheel, whirl, waltz, twirl. Bloombella, Kittylynch, Florryzoe, jujuby women." (U15.4122)