"Secret of all secrets. Seal of King David. Thumbed pages: read and read. Who has passed here before me? How to soften chapped hands. Recipe for white wine vinegar. How to win a woman's love. For me this. Say the following talisman three times with hands folded:
- Se el yilo nebrakada femininum! Amor me solo! Sanktus! Amen." (U10.845)
"A Stuart face of nonesuch Charles, lank locks falling at its sides. It glowed as she crouched feeding the fire with broken boots. I told her of Paris. Late lieabed under a quilt of old overcoats, fingering a pinchbeck bracelet, Dan Kelly's token. Nebrakada femininum." (U10.858)
"- What have you there? Stephen asked.
- I bought it from the other cart for a penny, Dilly said, laughing nervously. Is it any good?
My eyes they say she has. Do others see me so? Quick, far and daring. Shadow of my mind.
He took the coverless book from her hand. Chardenal's French primer.
- What did you buy that for? he asked. To learn French?
She nodded, reddening and closing tight her lips.
Show no surprise. Quite natural." (U10.862)
"- Here, Stephen said. It's all right. Mind Maggy doesn't pawn it on you. I suppose all my books are gone.
- Some, Dilly said. We had to." (U10.872)
" *** " (U10.881)
"- Hello, Simon, Father Cowley said. How are things?
- Hello, Bob, old man, Mr Dedalus answered, stopping.
They clasped hands loudly outside Reddy and Daughter's. Father Cowley brushed his moustache often downward with a scooping hand.
- What's the best news? Mr Dedalus said.
- Why then not much, Father Cowley said. I'm barricaded up, Simon, with two men prowling around the house trying to effect an entrance." (U10.883)
"As he came near Mr Dedalus greeted:
- Hold that fellow with the bad trousers.
- Hold him now, Ben Dollard said.
Mr Dedalus eyed with cold wandering scorn various points of Ben Dollard's figure. Then, turning to Father Cowley with a nod, he muttered sneeringly:
- That's a pretty garment, isn't it, for a summer's day?
- Why, God eternally curse your soul, Ben Dollard growled furiously, I threw out more clothes in my time than you ever saw." (U10.904)
"He stood beside them beaming on them first and on his roomy clothes from points of which Mr Dedalus flicked fluff, saying:
- They were made for a man in his health, Ben, anyhow.
- Bad luck to the jewman that made them, Ben Dollard said. Thanks be to God he's not paid yet.
- And how is that basso profondo, Benjamin? Father Cowley asked." (U10.913)
"Cashel Boyle O'Connor Fitzmaurice Tisdall Farrell, murmuring, glassyeyed, strode past the Kildare street club." (10.919)
"- For a few days tell him, Father Cowley said anxiously.
Ben Dollard halted and stared, his loud orifice open, a dangling button of his coat wagging brightbacked from its thread as he wiped away the heavy shraums that clogged his eyes to hear aright.
- What few days? he boomed. Hasn't your landlord distrained for rent?
- He has, Father Cowley said. " (U10.939)
" *** " (U10.955)
"- The youngster will be all right, Martin Cunningham said, as they passed out of the Castleyard gate.
The policeman touched his forehead.
- God bless you, Martin Cunningham said, cheerily." (U10.956)
"He signed to the waiting jarvey who chucked at the reins and set on towards Lord Edward street." (U10.960)
"Bronze by gold, Miss Kennedy's head by Miss Douce's head, appeared above the crossblind of the Ormond hotel.
- Yes, Martin Cunningham said, fingering his beard. I wrote to Father Conmee and laid the whole case before him.
- You could try our friend, Mr Power suggested backward.
- Boyd? Martin Cunningham said shortly. Touch me not.
John Wyse Nolan, lagging behind, reading the list, came after them quickly down Cork hill." (U10.962)
"On the steps of the City hall Councillor Nannetti, descending, hailed Alderman Cowley and Councillor Abraham Lyon ascending." (U10.970)
"Long John Fanning made no way for them. He removed his large Henry Clay decisively and his large fierce eyes scowled intelligently over all their faces.
- Are the conscript fathers pursuing their peaceful deliberations? he said with rich acrid utterance to the assistant town clerk." (U10.1001)
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