"pleased with the order he had booked for Pulbrook Robertson, boldly along James's street, past Shackleton's offices. Got round him all right. How do you do, Mr Crimmins? First rate, sir. I was afraid you might be up in your other establishment in Pimlico. How are things going? Just keeping alive.
Lovely weather we 're having. Yes, indeed. Good for the country. Those farmers are always grumbling." (U10.718)
"I'll just take a thimbleful of your best gin, Mr Crimmins. A small gin, sir. Yes, sir." (U10.724)
"Terrible affair that General Slocum explosion. Terrible, terrible!" (U10.725)
"A thousand casualties." (U10.726)
"And heartrending scenes. Men trampling down women and children. Most brutal thing." (U10.727)
"What do they say was the cause? Spontaneous combustion: most scandalous revelation." (U10.727)
"Not a single lifeboat would float and the firehose all burst." (U10.729)
"What I can't understand is how the inspectors ever allowed a boat like that... Now you're talking straight, Mr Crimmins. You know why? Palmoil. Is that a fact? Without a doubt. Well now, look at that." (U10.729)
"And America they say is the land of the free. I thought we were bad here." (U10.732)
"I smiled at him. America, I said, quietly, just like that. What is it? The sweepings of every country including our own. Isn't that true? That's a fact.
Graft, my dear sir. Well, of course, where there's money going there's always someone to pick it up." (U10.734)
"Saw him looking at my frockcoat. Dress does it. Nothing like a dressy appearance. Bowls them over.
- Hello, Simon, Father Cowley said. How are things?
- Hello, Bob, old man, Mr Dedalus answered stopping.
Mr Kernan halted and preened himself before the sloping mirror of Peter Kennedy, hairdresser. Stylish coat, beyond a doubt. Scott of Dawson street. Well worth the half sovereign I gave Neary for it. Never built under three guineas." (U10.738)
"Fits me down to the ground." (U10.745)
"Some Kildare street club toff had it probably." (U10.745)
"John Mulligan, the manager of the Hibernian bank," (10.746)
The Hibernian bank
"gave me a very sharp eye yesterday on Carlisle bridge as if he remembered me." (U10.746)

Carlisle bridge is the precursor of O'Connell bridge, connecting Sackville street to the south quays across the Liffey. It was designed by James Gandon, and built 1791 - 1794. It was named for Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle, who was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland at the time. Carlisle bridge was a symmetrical, three semicircular arch structure in granite, with a Portland stone balustrade, and obelisks on each of the four corners. This is a PC of Carlisle bridge...
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