"— He rode down through Dame walk, the refined accent said, if my memory serves me. The mansion of the Kildares was in Thomas court.
— That's right, Ned Lambert said. That's quite right, sir.
— If you will be so kind then, the clergyman said, the next time to allow me perhaps ....
— Certainly, Ned Lambert said. Bring the camera whenever you like." (U10.415)
"I'll get those bags cleared away from the windows [St Mary Abbey add. You can take it from here or from here.
In the still faint light he moved about, tapping with his lath the piled seedbags and points of vantage on the floor." (U10.420)
"From a long face a beard and gaze hung on a chessboard.
— I'm deeply obliged, Mr Lambert, the clergyman said. I won't trespass on your valuable time....
— You're welcome, sir, Ned Lambert said. Drop in whenever you like. Next week, say. Can you see?
— Yes, yes. Good afternoon, Mr Lambert. Very pleased to have met you.
— Pleasure is mine, sir, Ned Lambert answered.
He followed his guest to the outlet and then whirled his lath away among the pillars." (U10.425)
"With J. J. O'Molloy he came forth slowly into Mary's abbey where draymen were loading floats with sacks of carob and palmnut meal, O'Connor, Wexford.
He stood to read the card in his hand.
— The reverend Hugh C. Love, Rathcoffey. Present address: Saint Michael's, Sallins. Nice young chap he is. He's writing a book about the Fitzgeralds he told me. He's well up in history, faith." (U10.433)
"The young woman with slow care detached from her light skirt a clinging twig.
— I thought you were at a new gunpowder plot, J. J. O'Molloy said.
Ned Lambert cracked his fingers in the air." (U10.440)
"— God! he cried. I forgot to tell him that one about the earl of Kildare after he set fire to Cashel cathedral. You know that one? I'm bloody sorry I did it, says he, but I declare to God I thought the archbishop was inside. He mightn't like it, though. What? God, I'll tell him anyhow. That was the great earl, the Fitzgerald Mor." (U10.444)
The Cashel cathedral, built in the 13c., was burnt in 1494 by Gerald Mor, the Great Earl of Kildare. When questioned before the English King Henry VII, he reportedly said that he wouldn't have done it, except that he was certain that his sworn enemy, Archbishop David Creaghe, was inside.
"Hot members they were all of them, the Geraldines." (U10.448)
"The horses he passed started nervously under their slack harness. He slapped a piebald haunch quivering near him and cried:
— Woa, sonny!
He turned to J. J. O'Molloy and asked:
— Well, Jack. What is it? What's the trouble? Wait awhile. Hold hard." (U10.450)
"With gaping mouth and head far back he stood still and, after an instant, sneezed loudly.
- Chow! he said. Blast you!
- The dust from those sacks, J.J. O'Molloy said politely.
- No, Ned Lambert gasped, I caught a... cold night before... blast your soul... night before last... and there was a hell of a lot of draught...
He held his handkerchief ready for the coming...
- I was... Glasnevin this morning... poor little... what do you call him... Chow! ...Mother of Moses!" (U10.455)
" *** " (U10.464)
"Tom Rochford took the top disk from the pile he clasped against his claret waistcoat.
- See? he said. Say it's turn six. In here, see. Turn Now On.
He slid it into the left slot for them. It shot down the groove, wobbled a while, ceased, ogling them: six.' (U10.465)

As discovered by Eamonn Finn (and reported in the JJ Broadsheet June 2008) this is the device being shown.

[Image courtesy of Eamonn Finn]
"Lawyers of the past, haughty, pleading, beheld pass from the consolidated taxing office to Nisi Prius court Richie Goulding carrying the costbag of Goulding, Collis and Ward and heard rustling from the admiralty division of King's bench to the court of appeal" (U10.470)
"an elderly female with false teeth smiling incredulously and a black silk skirt of great amplitude.
— See? he said. See now the last one I put in is over here: Turns Over. The
impact. Leverage, see?
He showed them the rising column of disks on the right." (U10.473)

An ad from Pearson's Magazine 1905, suggesting false teeth were a precious commodity!
"- Smart idea, Nosey Flynn said, snuffling. So a fellow coming in late can see what turn is on and what turns are over. " (U10.479)

Eamonn found the patent application #27,617 titled "Improvements in Programme Indicators for Theatres of Varieties, Music Hall and the like", for an invention by Thomas Henry Rochford (19 Wellington Quay, Dublin, Engineer), dated 1908, detailing its construction, mechanism, and usefulness.
"- See? Tom Rochford said.
He slid in a disk for himself: and watched it shoot, wobble, ogle, stop: four. Turn Now On.
- I'll see him now in the Ormond, Lenehan said, and sound him." (U10.481)
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