"Strings. Listen. A girl playing one of those instruments what do you call them: dulcimers. I pass." (U4.97)
"Probably not a bit like it really. Kind of stuff you read: in the track of the sun. Sunburst on the titlepage. He smiled, pleasing himself. " (U4.99)

[Image courtesy of the ZJJF]
"What Arthur Griffith said about the headpiece over the Freeman leader: a homerule sun rising up in the northwest from the laneway behind the bank of Ireland. He prolonged his pleased smile. Ikey touch that: homerule sun rising up in the northwest." (U4.101)
"He approached Larry O'Rourke's. From the cellar grating floated up the flabby gush of porter. Through the open doorway the bar squirted out whiffs of ginger, teadust, biscuitmush. Good house, however: just the end of the city traffic. For instance M'Auley's down there: n.g. as position." (U4.105)

N.g. = not good
"Of course if they ran a tramline along the North Circular from the cattlemarket to the quays value would go up like a shot.
Bald head over the blind. Cute old codger. No use canvassing him for an ad. Still he knows his own business best. There he is, sure enough, my bold Larry, leaning against the sugarbin in his shirtsleeves watching the aproned curate swab up with mop and bucket. Simon Dedalus takes him off to a tee with his eyes screwed up. Do you know what I'm going to tell you? What's that, Mr O'Rourke? Do you know what?" (U4.108)
"The Russians, they'd only be an eight o'clock breakfast for the Japanese." (U4.116)

Russia and Japan were at war in 1904. The Russo-Japanese war (1904 - 1905) grew out of the rivalry of the 2 countries for control of Manchuria and the Yellow Sea, and ended with a Japanese victory. Russia had a larger army but suffered successive defeats, and also had to deal with its internal revolution. This SV shows the Japanese army on the way to the front.
A peace alliance (illustrated on this PC) was mediated by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt as the Treaty of Portsmouth, signed on September 5th 1905. The Russo-Japanese war was the first major victory in the modern era of an Asian country over a Western one. Japan's prestige rose greatly as it began to be considered a modern Great Power.
"Stop and say a word: about the funeral perhaps. Sad thing about poor Dignam, Mr O'Rourke.
Turning into Dorset street he said freshly in greeting through the doorway:
- Good day, Mr O'Rourke.
- Good day to you.
- Lovely weather, sir.
- 'Tis all that.
Where do they get the money? Coming up redheaded curates from the county Leitrim, rinsing empties and old man in the cellar." (U4.118)
"from the county Leitrim," (U4.126)

This is an 1890 map, showing the counties of Ireland. Milly is in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Bloom is going to Ennis, Co. Clare, for the anniversary of his father's death. Clongowes Woods is in Co. Kildare. Belfast is across Co. Antrim and Co. Down.
"Then, lo and behold, they blossom out as Adam Findlaters" (U4.127)

Alex. Findlater & Co. had several branches in Dublin, and sold Teas, Wines and Whiskies.
A bill from Findlater (1911) listing their many branches. Ross Hotel had purchased from them bottles of JJ&S for 4s 7p.
"or Dan Tallons." (U4.128)

Daniel Tallon was Lord Mayor of Dublin 1898 - 1900.
"Then think of the competition. General thirst. Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub. Save it they can't. Off the drunks perhaps. Put down three and carry five. What is that, a bob here and there, dribs and drabs. On the wholesale orders perhaps. Doing a double shuffle with the town travellers. Square it with the boss and we'll split the job, see?" (U4.128)
"Then think of the competition. General thirst. Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub." (U4.128)

Indeed it is possible to cross Dublin without passing a pub, as published on the web June 14 2011
Image ⓒ OSM Contributors CC-BY-SA
"How much would that tot to off the porter in the month? Say ten barrels of stuff. Say he got ten per cent off. Or more. Fifteen. He passed Saint Joseph's National school. Brats' clamour. Windows open. Fresh air helps memory. Or a lilt. Ahbeesee defeegee kelomen opeecue rustyouvee doubleyou. Boys are they? Yes. Inishturk, Inishark. Inishboffin. At their joggerfry. Mine. Slieve Bloom." (U4.134)

This PC shows an Edwardian boy's classroom.
"He halted before Dlugacz's window, staring at the hanks of sausages, polonies, black and white. Fifteen multiplied by. The figures whitened in his mind, unsolved: displeased, he let them fade." (U4.140)

Not Dlugacz's, but a same era Beef and Pork Butcher shop. Notice the sausages in the window.
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