"What facilities of transit were desirable?

When citybound frequent connection by train or tram from their respective intermediate station or terminal. When countrybound velocipedes, a chainless freewheel roadster cycle with side basketcar attached, or draught conveyance, a donkey with wicker trap or smart phaeton with good working solidungular cob (roan gelding, 14 h)." (U17.1573)
"What might be the name of this erigible or erected residence?
Bloom Cottage. Saint Leopold's. Flowerville." (U17.1579)

Unrelated but interesting, there is a Leopold street in Budapest, shown on this PC.
"Could Bloom of 7 Eccles street foresee Bloom of Flowerville?

In loose allwool garments with Harris tweed cap, price 8/6, and useful garden boots with elastic gussets" (U17.1581)
"and wateringcan," (U17.1583)
"and wateringcan," (U17.1583)
"planting aligned young firtrees, syringing, pruning, staking," (U17.1583)
"sowing hayseed," (U17.1584)
"trundling a weedladen wheelbarrow without excessive fatigue at sunset amid the scent of newmown hay, ameliorating the soil, multiplying wisdom, achieving longevity." (U17.1584)
"What syllabus of intellectual pursuits was simultaneously possible?

Snapshot photography, comparative study of religions, folklore relative tovvarious amatory and superstitious practices, contemplation of the celestial constellation" (U17.1588)
"What lighter recreations?

Outdoor: garden and fieldwork," (U17.1592)
"cycling on level macadamised causeways ascents of moderately high hills, natation in secluded fresh water and unmolested river boating in secure wherry or light curricle with kedge anchor on reaches free from weirs and rapids (period of estivation), vespertinal perambulation or equestrian circumprocession with inspection of sterile landscape and contrastingly" (U 17.1593)
"vespertinal perambulation or equestrian circumprocession with inspection of sterile landscape" (U17.1597)
"and contrastingly agreeable cottagers' fires of smoking peat turves (period of hibernation). Indoor: discussion in tepid security of unsolved historical and criminal problems: lecture of unexpurgated exotic erotic masterpieces: house carpentry with toolbox containing hammer, awl nails, screws, tintacks, gimlet, tweezers, bullnose plane and turnscrew." (U17.1598)
"Might he become a gentleman farmer of field produce and live stock?

Not impossibly, with 1 or 2 stripper cows, 1 pike of upland hay and requisite farming implements, e.g. an end-to-end churn, a turnip pulper etc." (U17.1603)
"What would be his civic functions and social status among the county families and landed gentry?

Arranged successively in ascending powers of hierarchical order, that of gardener, groundsman, cultivator, breeder, and at the zenith of his career, resident magistrate or justice of the peace with a family crest and coat of arms and appropriate classical motto (Semper paratus), duly recorded in the court directory (Bloom, Leopold P., M. P., P. C., K. P., L. L. D. (honoris causa), Bloomville, Dundrum) and mentioned in court and fashionable intelligence" (U17.1606)
"(Mr and Mrs Leopold Bloom have left Kingstown for England)." (U17.1614)
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