"which showed a large globular head with 5 hairs erect, 2 eyes in profile, the trunk full front with 3 large buttons, 1 triangular foot:" (U17.1777)
"2 fading photographs of queen Alexandra of England" (U17.1778)
"and of Maud Branscombe, actress and professional beauty" (U17.1779)
A SV of Maud Branscombe.
"a Yuletide card, bearing on it a pictorial representation of a parasitic plant, the legend Mizpah, the date Xmas 1892, the name of the senders: from Mr & Mrs M. Comerford," (U17.1780)

from Wikipedia: Mizpah is an emotional bond between people who are separated physically or by death. Mizpah jewellery is worn to signify this bond and the word 'mizpah' can be found on headstones in cemeteries and on other memorials. From Genesis 31: 'And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.'
"the versicle: May this Yuletide bring to thee, Joy and peace and welcome glee:" (U17.1782)
"butt of red partly liquefied sealing wax," (U17.1783)
"obtained from the stores department of Messrs Hely's, Ltd., 89, 90, and 91 Dame street: a box containing the remainder of a gross of gilt "J" pennibs, obtained from same department of same firm: an old sandglass which rolled containing sand which rolled:" (U17.1784)
"a sealed prophecy (never unsealed) written by Leopold Bloom in 1886 concerning the consequences of the passing into law of William Ewart Gladstone's Home Rule bill of 1886 (never passed into law): a bazaar ticket, no 2004, of S. Kevin's Charity Fair, price 6d, 100 prizes:" (U17.1787)
"an infantile epistle, dated, small em monday, reading: capital pee Papli comma capital aitch How are you note of interrogation capital eye I am very well full stop new paragraph signature with flourishes capital em Milly no stop: a cameo brooch, property of Ellen Bloom (born Higgins), deceased: a cameo scarfpin, property of Rudolph Bloom (born Virag), deceased:" (U17.1791)
"3 typewritten letters, addressee, Henry Flower, c/o. P. O. Westland Row, addresser, Martha Clifford, c/o. P. O. Dolphin's Barn:" (U17.1796)
"the transliterated name and address of the addresser of the 3 letters in reversed alphabetic boustrophedontic punctated quadrilinear cryptogram (vowels suppressed) N. IGS./WI. UU. OX/W. OKS. MH/Y. IM:" (U17.1798)
"a press cutting from an English weekly periodical Modern Society, subject corporal chastisement in girls' schools:" (U17.1801)
"a pink ribbon which had festooned an Easter egg in the year 1899: two partly uncoiled rubber preservatives with reserve pockets, purchased by post from Box 32, P.O., Charing Cross, London, W.C.:" (U17.1803)
"1 pack of 1 dozen creamlaid envelopes and feintruled notepaper, watermarked, now reduced by 3: some assorted Austrian-Hungarian coins:" (U17.1806 )
"two coupons of the Royal and Privileged Hungarian Lottery: a low power magnifying glass: 2 erotic photocards showing a) buccal coition between nude senorita (rere presentation, superior position) and nude torero (fore presentation, inferior position) b) anal violation by male religious (fully clothed, eyes abject) of female religious (partly clothed, eyes direct)," (U17.1808)
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