"Begin" (U11.63)
"Bronze by gold, Miss Douce's head by Miss Kennedy's head, over the crossblind of the Ormond bar heard the viceregal hoofs go by, ringing steel.
- Is that her? asked Miss Kennedy.
Miss Douce said yes, sitting with his ex, pearl grey and eau de Nil." (U11.64)
"- Exquisite contrast, Miss Kennedy said.
When all agog Miss Douce said eagerly:
- Look at the fellow in the tall silk.
- Who? Where? gold asked more eagerly.
- In the second carriage, Miss Douce's wet lips said, laughing in the sun. He's looking. Mind till I see.
She darted, bronze, to the backmost corner, flattening her face against the pane in a halo of hurried breath." (U12.68)
"Her wet lips tittered:
- He's killed looking back.
She laughed:
- O wept! Aren't men frightful idiots?
With sadness." (U11.76)
"For them unheeding him he banged on the counter his tray of chattering china. And
- There's your teas, he said.
Miss Kennedy with manners transposed the teatray down to an upturned lithia crate, safe from eyes, low.
- What is it? loud boots unmannerly asked." (U11.89)
"On her flower frowning Miss Douce said:
- Most aggravating that young brat is. If he doesn't conduct himself I'll wring his ear for him a yard long.
Ladylike in exquisite contrast.
- Take no notice, Miss Kennedy rejoined." (U11.103)
"She poured in a teacup tea, then back in the teapot tea. They cowered under their reef of counter, waiting on footstools, crates upturned, waiting for their teas to draw. They pawed their blouses, both of black satin, two and nine a yard, waiting for their teas to draw, and two and seven.
Yes, bronze from anear, by gold from afar, heard steel from anear, hoofs ring from afar, and heard steelhoofs ringhoof ringsteel." (U11.108)
"- Am I awfully sunburnt?
Miss bronze unbloused her neck.
- No, said Miss Kennedy. It gets brown after. Did you try the borax with the cherry laurel water?
Miss Douce halfstood to see her skin askance in the barmirror gildedlettered where hock and claret glasses shimmered and in their midst a shell.
- And leave it to my hands, she said.
- Try it with the glycerine, Miss Kennedy advised.
Bidding her neck and hands adieu Miss Douce
- Those things only bring out a rash, replied, reseated. I asked that old fogey in Boyd's for something for my skin." (U11.114)
"By Bassi's blessed virgins Bloom's dark eyes went by." (U11.151)

The (Catholic) store of Aurelio Bassi, Religious Statue & Picture Frame Manufacturer, was located at 14 and 38 Wellingon Quay. This is a picture showing the staff who worked there. There are large crucifixes in the window and small statues, probably Blessed Virgins.
A period letterhead from Bassi also advertises: 'Publisher of Irish-made Prayer Books and other Standard Books of Catholic Piety, besides the Best Selection of Prayer Books. Redemptorist's Mission Book. Treasury Sacred Heart.'
"Bluerobed, white under, come to me. God they believe she is: or goddess. Those today. I could not see. That fellow spoke. A student. After with Dedalus' son. He might be Mulligan. All comely virgins. That brings those rakes of fellows in: her white.
By went his eyes. The sweets of sin. Sweet are the sweets." (U11.151)
"In a giggling peal young goldbronze voices blended, Douce with Kennedy your other eye. They threw young heads back, bronze gigglegold, to let freefly their laughter, screaming, your other, signals to each other, high piercing notes.
Ah, panting, sighing. Sighing, ah, fordone their mirth died down." (U11.158)
"Miss Kennedy lipped her cup again, raised, drank a sip and gigglegiggled. Miss Douce, bending again over the teatray, ruffled again her nose and rolled droll fattened eyes. Again Kennygiggles, stooping her fair pinnacles of hair, stooping, her tortoise napecomb showed, spluttered out of her mouth her tea, choking in tea and laughter, coughing with choking, crying:" (U11.163)
"- O greasy eyes! Imagine being married to a man like that, she cried. With his bit of beard!
Douce gave full vent to a splendid yell, a full yell of full woman, delight, joy, indignation.
- Married to the greasy nose! she yelled." (U11.169)
"Married to Bloom, to greaseabloom.
- O saints above! Miss Douce said, sighed above her jumping rose. I wished I hadn't laughed so much. I feel all wet.
- O, Miss Douce! Miss Kennedy protested. You horrid thing!
And flushed yet more (you horrid!), more goldenly." (U11.180)
"By Cantwell's offices roved Greaseabloom, by Ceppi's virgins, bright of their oils. Nannetti's father hawked those things about, wheedling at doors as I. Religion pays. Must see him for that par. Eat first. I want. Not yet. At four, she said. Time ever passing. Clockhands turning. On. Where eat? The Clarence, Dolphin. On. For Raoul. Eat. If I net five guineas with those ads. The violet silk petticoats. Not yet. The sweets of sin.
Flushed less, still less, goldenly paled." (U11.185)
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