"He swung himself forward in vigorous jerks, halted, lifted his head towards a window and bayed deeply:
- home and beauty." (U10.246)
"The gay sweet chirping whistling within went on a bar or two, ceased." (U10.249)
"The blind of the window was drawn aside. A card Unfurnished Apartments slipped from the sash and fell.
A plump bare generous arm shone, was seen, held forth from a white petticoatbodice and taut shiftstraps. A woman's hand flung forth a coin over the area railings. It fell on the path." (U10.250)
"One of the urchins ran to it, picked it up and dropped it into the minstrel's cap, saying:
- There, sir." (U10.254)
" *** " (U10.257)
"Katey and Boody Dedalus shoved in the door of the closesteaming kitchen.
- Did you put in the books? Boody asked.
Maggy at the range rammed down a greyish mass beneath bubbling suds twice with her potstick and wiped her brow.
- They wouldn't give anything on them, she said." (U10.258)
"Father Conmee walked through Clongowes fields, his thinsocked ankles tickled by stubble." (U10.264))
"- Where did you try? Boody asked.
- M'Guinness's.
Body stamped her foot and threw her satchel on the table.
- Bad cess to her big face! she cried.
Katey went to the range and peered with squinting eyes." (U10.266)
"— What's in the pot? she asked.
— Shirts, Maggy said.
Boody cried angrily:
— Crickey, is there nothing for us to eat?
Katey, lifting the kettlelid in a pad of her stained skirt, asked:
— And what's in this?" (U10.271)
"A heavy fume gushed in answer.
- Peasoup, Maggy said.
- Where did you get it? Katey asked.
- Sister Mary Patrick, Maggy said." (U10.277)
"The lacquey rang his bell.
- Barang!" (U10.281)
"Boody sat down at the table and said hungrily:
- Give us it here.
Maggy poured yellow thick soup from the kettle into a bowl." (U10.283)
"Katey, sitting opposite Boody, said quietly, as her fingertip lifted to her mouth random crumbs:
- A good job we have that much. Where's Dilly?
- Gone to meet father, Maggy said." (U10.285)
"Boody, breaking big chunks of bread into the yellow soup, added:
- Our father who art not in heaven." (U10.290)
"Maggy, pouring yellow soup in Katey's bowl, exclaimed:
- Boody! For shame!" (U10.292)
"A skiff, a crumpled throwaway, Elijah is coming, rode lightly down the Liffey," (U10.294)
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