"Mr Bloom turned at Gray's confectioner's window of unbought tarts and passed the reverend Thomas Connellan's bookstore. " (U8.1069)
"Why I left the church of Rome. Birds' Nest women run him. They say they used to give pauper children soup to change to protestants in the time of the potato blight. Society over the way papa went to for the conversion of poor jews." (U8.1070)
"Same bait. Why we left the church of Rome." (U8.1074)
A blind stripling stood tapping the curbstone with his slender cane. No tram in sight. Wants to cross.
- Do you want to cross? Mr Bloom asked.
The blind stripling did not answer. His wall face frowned weakly. He moved his head uncertainly.
- You're in Dawson street, Mr Bloom said. Molesworth street is opposite. Do you want to cross? There's nothing in the way." (U8.1075)
The cane moved out trembling to the left. Mr Bloom's eye followed its line and saw again the dyeworks' van drawn up before Drago's. Where I
8.1084 saw his brillantined hair just when I was. Horse drooping. Driver in John Long's. Slaking his drouth.
— There's a van there, Mr Bloom said, but it's not moving. I'll see you across. Do you want to go to Molesworth street?
— Yes, the stripling answered. South Frederick street." (U8.1082)
"— Come, Mr Bloom said.
He touched the thin elbow gently: then took the limp seeing hand to guide it forward.
Say something to him. Better not do the condescending. They mistrust what you tell them. Pass a common remark.
— The rain kept off.
No answer.
Stains on his coat. Slobbers his food, I suppose. Tastes all different for him. Have to be spoonfed first. Like a child's hand, his hand. Like Milly's was. Sensitive. Sizing me up I daresay from my hand." (U8.1089)
"Wonder if he has a name, Van. Keep his cane clear of the horse's legs: tired drudge get his doze. That's right. Clear. Behind a bull: in front of a horse.
- Thanks, sir.
Knows I'm a man. Voice.
- Right now? First turn to the left. " (U8.1098)
"The blind stripling tapped the curbstone and went on his way, drawing his cane back, feeling again.
Mr Bloom walked behind the eyeless feet, a flatcut suit of herringbone tweed. Poor young fellow! How on earth did he know that van was there? Must have felt it. See things in their forehead perhaps: kind of sense of volume. Weight or size of it, something blacker than the dark. Wonder would he feel it if something was removed? Feel a gap. Queer idea of Dublin he must have, tapping his way round by the stones. Could he walk in a beeline if he hadn't that cane? Bloodless pious face like a fellow going in to be a priest.
Penrose! That was that chap's name." (U8.1104)
"Look at all the things they can learn to do. Read with their fingers." (U8.1115)
"Tune pianos. Or we are surprised they have any brains. Why we think a deformed person or a hunchback clever if he says something we might say. Of course the other senses are more. Embroider." (U8.1116)

A PC from the Association Valentin Hauy in Paris, for helping the blind. The secretary of the Association was M.M. De la Suzeranne, whose work Joyce probably read.
"Plait baskets. People ought to help. Workbasket I could buy for Molly's birthday." (U8.1118)

An engraving (1886) showing Blind Willie making Baskets.
"Hates sewing. Might take an objection. Dark men they call them." (U8.1110)
"Sense of smell must be stronger too. Smells on all sides, bunched together. Each street different smell. Each person too. Then the spring, the summer: smells." (U8.1121)
"Tastes? They say you can't taste wines with your eyes shut or a cold in the head. Also smoke in the dark they say get no pleasure." (U8.1123)

An item from Titbits (1890) seems to confirm Bloom's belief. Or may be that's where he read it?
"And with a woman, for instance. More shameless not seeing. That girl passing the Stewart institution, head in the air. Look at me. I have them all on. Must be strange not to see her. Kind of a form in his mind's eye." (U8.1125)
"The voice, temperature when he touches her with fingers must almost see the lines, the curves. His hands on her hair, for instance. Say it was black, for instance. Good. We call it black. Then passing over her white skin. Different feel perhaps. Feeling of white.
Postoffice. Must answer. Fag today. Send her a postal order two shillings, half a crown. Accept my little present. Stationer's just here too. Wait. Think over it." (U8.1127)
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