I pray for you in my other world. Get Dilly to make you that boiled rice every night after your brainwork. Years and years I loved you, O, my son, my firstborn, when you lay in my womb.


(fanning herself with the gratefan) I'm melting!


(points to Stephen) Look! He's white.


(goes to the window to open it more) Giddy."


(With smouldering eyes.) Repent! O, the fire of hell!


(Panting.) The corpsechewer! Raw head and bloody bones.


(Her face drawing near and nearer, sending out an ashen breath.) Beware! (She raises her blackened withered right arm slowly towards Stephen's breast with outstretched finger.) Beware God's hand!

(A green crab with malignant red eyes sticks deep its grinning claws in Stephen's heart.)"


(Wrings her hands slowly, moaning desperately.)"

"O Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on him! Save him from hell, O Divine Sacred Heart!


No! No! No! Break my spirit, all of you, if you can! I'll bring you all to heel!


(In the agony of her deathrattle.) Have mercy on Stephen, Lord, for my sake! Inexpressible was my anguish when expiring with love, grief and agony on Mount Calvary."



"(He lifts his ashplant high with both hands and smashes the chandelier. Time's livid final flame leaps and, in the following darkness, ruin of all space, shattered glass and toppling masonry.)"


(snatches up Stephen's ashplant) Me? Ten shillings? Haven't you lifted enough off him? Didn't he ....?


(loudly) Here, none of your tall talk. This isn't a brothel. A tenshilling house."


Do you want me to call the police?


O, I know. Bulldog on the premises. But he's a Trinity student. Patrons of your establishment."

"Gentlemen that pay the rent. (he makes a masonic sign) Know what I mean? Nephew of the vicechancellor. You don't want a scandal."


(angrily) Trinity. Coming down here ragging after the boatraces and paying nothing. Are you my commander here or? Where is he? I'll charge him! Disgrace him, I will! (she shouts) Zoe! Zoe!"


(urgently) And if it were your own son in Oxford? (warningly) I know.


(almost speechless) Who are. Incog!


(in the doorway) There's a row on.


What? Where? (he throws a shilling on the table and starts) That's for the chimney. Where? I need mountain air.

(He hurries out through the hall. The whores point. Florry follows, spilling water from her tilted tumbler."

"On the doorstep all the whores clustered talk volubly, pointing to the right where the fog has cleared off. From the left arrives a jingling hackney car. It slows to in front of the house. Bloom at the halldoor perceives Corny Kelleher who is about to dismount from the car with two silent lechers. He averts his face. Bella from within the hall urges on her whores. They blow ickylickysticky yumyum kisses. Corny Kelleher replies with a ghastly lewd smile. The silent lechers turn to pay the jarvey. Zoe and Kitty still point right. Bloom, parting them swiftly, draws his caliph's hood and poncho and hurries down the steps with sideways face."

"Incog Haroun Al Raschid he flits behind the silent lechers and hastens on by the railings with fleet step of a pard strewing the drag behind him, torn envelopes drenched in aniseed. The ashplant marks his stride."

"A pack of bloodhounds, led by Hornblower of Trinity brandishing a dogwhip in tallyho cap and an old pair of grey trousers, follows from far, picking up the scent, nearer,"

"baying, panting, at fault, breaking away, throwing their tongues, biting his heels, leaping at his taiL He walks, runs, zigzags, gallops, lugs laid back."

"He is pelted with gravel, cabbagestumps, biscuitboxes, eggs, potatoes, dead codfish, woman's slipperslappers."

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