"Lenehan, in yachtsman's cap and white shoes, officiously detaches a long hair from Blazes Boylan s shoulder.)


Ho! What do I here behold? Were you brushing the cobwebs off a few quims?"


(sated, smiles) Plucking a turkey.


A good night's work.


(holding up four thick bluntungulated fingers, winks) Blazes Kate! Up to sample or your money back."

"(he holds out a forefinger) Smell that."


(Smells gleefully.) Ah! Lobster and mayonnaise. Ah!


(Laugh together.) Ha ha ha ha."


(Tosses him sixpence.) Here, to buy yourself a gin and splash. (He hangs his hat smartly on a peg of Bloom's antlered head.) Show me in. I have a little private business with your wife, you understand?"


Thank you, sir. Yes, sir. Madam Tweedy is in her bath, sir.


He ought to feel himself highly honoured."

"(she plops splashing out of the water).

Raoul darling, come and dry me. I'm in my pelt. Only my new hat and a carriage sponge.


(a merry twinkle in his eye) Topping!


What? What is it?
(Zoe whispers to her.)"


Let him look, the pishogue! Pimp! And scourge himself! I'll write to a powerful prostitute or Bartholomona, the bearded woman, to raise weals out on him an inch thick and make him bring me back a signed and stamped receipt.


(clasps himself) Here, I can't hold this little lot much longer. (he strides off on stiff cavalry legs)"


(laughing) Ho ho ho ho."

(U 15.3785

(To Bloom, over his shoulder.) You can apply your eye to the keyhole and play with yourself while I just go through her a few times."


Thank you, sir. I will, sir. May I bring two men chums to witness the deed and take a snapshot? (he holds out an ointment jar) Vaseline, sir? Orangeflower...? Lukewarm water...?"


(From the sofa.) Tell us, Florry. Tell us. What...

(Florry whispers to her. Whispering lovewords murmur, liplapping loudly, poppysmic plopslop.)"


(Her eyes upturned.) O, it must be like the scent of geraniums!"

"and lovely peaches!"

"O, he simply idolises every bit of her! Stuck together! Covered with kisses!


(her mouth opening) Yumyum "

"O, he's carrying her round the room doing it! Ride a cock horse. You could hear them in Paris and New York. Like mouthfuls of strawberries and cream.


(Laughing.) Hee hee hee.


(Sweetly, hoarsely, in the pit of his stomach.) Ah! Godblazeqrukbrukarchkhrasht!"

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