"Little paps to begin with. Left one is more sensitive, I think. Mine too. Nearer the heart? Padding themselves out if fat is in fashion. Her growing pains at night, calling, wakening me. Frightened she was when her nature came on her first. Poor child! Strange moment for the mother too. Brings back her girlhood." (U13.1200)
"Gibraltar. Looking from Buena Vista. O'Hara's tower. The seabirds screaming. Old Barbary ape that gobbled all his family. Sundown, gunfire for the men to cross the lines. Looking out over the sea she told me. Evening like this, but clear, no clouds." (U13.1204)
"I always thought I'd marry a lord or a gentleman coming with a private yacht. Bueñas noches, señorita. El hombre ama la muchacha hermosa. Why me? Because you were so foreign from the others.
Better not stick here all night like a limpet. This weather makes you dull. Must be getting on for nine by the light. Go home." (U13.1207)
"Too late for Leah. Lily of Killarney. No. Might be still up. Call to the hospital to see. Hope she's over. Long day I've had. Martha, the bath, funeral, house of Keyes, museum with those goddesses, Dedalus' song." (U13.1212)
"Then that bawler in Barney Kiernan's. Got my own back there. Drunken ranters. What I said about his God made him wince. Mistake to hit back. Or? No. Ought to go home and laugh at themselves. Always want to be swilling in company. Afraid to be alone like a child of two. Suppose he hit me. Look at it other way round. Not so bad then. Perhaps not to hurt he meant. Three cheers for Israel. Three cheers for the sister-in-law he hawked about, three fangs in her mouth. Same style of beauty. Particularly nice old party for a cup of tea. The sister of the wife of the wild man of Borneo has just come to town. Imagine that in the early morning at close range." (U13.1215)
"Everyone to his taste as Morris said when he kissed the cow. But Dignam's put the boots on it. Houses of mourning so depressing because you never know. Anyhow she wants the money." (U13.1224)
"Must call to those Scottish Widows as I promised. Strange name." (U13.1227)
"Takes it for granted we're going to pop off first. That widow on Monday was it outside Cramer's that looked at me. Buried the poor husband but progressing favourably on the premium." (U17.1228)
"Her widow's mite. Well? What do you expect her to do? Must wheedle her way along. Widower I hate to see. Looks so forlorn. Poor man O'Connor wife and five children poisoned by mussels here. The sewage. Hopeless." (U13.1230)
"Some good matronly woman in a porkpie hat to mother him. Take him in tow, platter face and a large apron." (U13.1233)
"Ladies' grey flannelette bloomers, three shillings a pair, astonishing bargain." (U13.1235)
"Plain and loved, loved for ever, they say. Ugly: no woman thinks she is. Love, lie and be handsome for tomorrow we die. See him sometimes walking about trying to find out who played the trick. U. p: up. Fate that is. He, not me. Also a shop often noticed. Curse seems to dog it." (U13.1236)
"Dreamt last night? Wait. Something confused. She had red slippers on. Turkish. Wore the breeches. Suppose she does. Would I like her in pajamas? Damned hard to answer." (U13.1240)
"Nannetti's gone. Mailboat." (U13.1242)

As seen on this PC ad, 'magnificent streamers' provided accelerated mail and passenger transport between England and Ireland, some via Holyhead in Anglesey, Northern Wales. The trip from Kingwtown to Holyhead took 3 hrs.
This PC shows S.S. Hibernia, one of the boats in service on the Irish sea between Dublin and Holyhead in 1904. She was built in 1900, became HMS Tara during WWI, and was sunk by a torpedo in 1915.
"Near Holyhead by now. Must nail that ad of Keyes's. Work Hynes and Crawford." (U13.1242)

This PC shows Nannetti's arrival port of Holyhead, Wales.