"What a persuasive power that girl had!" (U13.33)
"But to be sure baby Boardman was as good as gold, a perfect little dote in his new fancy bib. None of your spoilt beauties, Flora MacFlimsy sort, was Cissy Caffrey. A truerhearted lass never drew the breath of life, always with a laugh in her gipsylike eyes" (U13.33)
"and a frolicsome word on her cherryripe red lips, a girl lovable in the extreme. And Edy Boardman laughed too at the quaint language of little brother." (U13.37)
"But just then there was a slight altercation between Master Tommy and Master Jacky." (U13.40)
"Boys will be boys and our two twins were no exception to this golden rule." (U13.41)
"The apple of discord was a certain castle of sand which Master Jacky had built" (U13.42)
"and Master Tommy would have it right go wrong that it was to be architecturally improved by a frontdoor like the Martello tower had." (U13.43)
"But if Master Tommy was headstrong Master Jacky was selfwilled too and, true to the maxim that every little Irishman's house is his castle, he fell upon his hated rival and to such purpose that the wouldbe assailant came to grief" (U13.45)
"and (alas to relate!) the coveted castle too. Needless to say the cries of discomfited Master Tommy drew the attention of the girl friends.
- Come here, Tommy, his sister called imperatively. At once! And you, Jacky, for shame to throw poor Tommy in the dirty sand. Wait till I catch you for that." (U13.48)
"His eyes misty with unshed tears Master Tommy came at her call for their big sister's word was law with the twins. And in a sad plight he was too after his misadventure." (U13.54)
"His little man-o'-war top and unmentionables were full of sand but Cissy was a past mistress in the art of smoothing over life's tiny troubles and very quickly not one speck of sand was to be seen on his smart little suit. Still the blue eyes were glistening with hot tears that would well up so she kissed away the hurtness and shook her hand at Master Jacky the culprit and said if she was near him she wouldn't be far from him, her eyes dancing in admonition.
- Nasty bold Jacky! she cried." (U13.56)
"She put an arm round the little mariner and coaxed winningly: " (U13.64)
"- What's your name? Butter and cream?
-- Tell us who is your sweetheart, spoke Edy Boardman. Is Cissy your sweetheart?" (U13.65)
"- Nao, tearful Tommy said.
- Is Edy Boardman your sweetheart? Cissy queried.
- Nao, Tommy said.
- I know, Edy Boardman said none too amiably with an arch glance from her shortsighted eyes. I know who is Tommy's sweetheart. Gerty is Tommy's sweetheart.
- Nao, Tommy said on the verge of tears.
Cissy's quick motherwit guessed what was amiss and she whispered to Edy Boardman to take him there behind the pushcar where the gentleman couldn't see and to mind he didn't wet his new tan shoes." (U13.68)
"But who was Gerty?" (U13.78)
"Gerty MacDowell who was seated near her companions, lost in thought, gazing far away into the distance was, in very truth, as fair a specimen of winsome Irish girlhood as one could wish to see. She was pronounced beautiful by all who knew her though, as folks often said, she was more a Giltrap than a MacDowell." (U13.79)
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