"The anchor's weighed. Off he sails with a scapular or a medal on him for luck. Well. And the tephilim no what's this they call it poor papa's father had on his door to touch. That brought us out of the land of Egypt and into the house of bondage." (U13.1156)
"Something in all those superstitions because when you go out never know what dangers. Hanging on to a plank" (U13.1159)"
"or astride of a beam for grim life, lifebelt round him, gulping salt water, and that's the last of his nibs till the sharks catch hold of him." (U13.1160)

The Linati scheme for Nausicaa includes the correspondences Phaeacia - Star of the Sea; Gerty - Nausicaa. Nausicaa is the daughter of Alcinous, the King of Phaecia; she is the first to meet Ulysses when he reaches their shores. This engraving (1886) shows Ulysses hanging on to a plank, shipwrecked on the coast of Phaecia.
"Do fish ever get seasick?
Then you have a beautiful calm without a cloud, smooth sea, placid, crew and cargo in smithereens, Davy Jones' locker, moon looking down so peaceful. Not my fault, old cockalorum." (U12.1162)
"A lost long candle wandered up the sky from Mirus bazaar in search of funds for Mercer's hospital and broke, drooping, and shed a cluster of violet but one white stars. They floated, fell: they faded. The shepherd's hour: the hour of folding: hour of tryst." (U13.1166)

[Image courtesy of the ZJJF]
"From house to house, giving his everwelcome double knock, went the nine o'clock postman, the glowworm's lamp at his belt gleaming here and there through the laurel hedges. And among the five young trees a hoisted lintstock lit the lamp at Leahy's terrace." (U13.1169)
"By screens of lighted windows, by equal gardens a shrill voice went crying, wailing: Evening Telegraph, stop press edition! Result of the Gold Cup races! and from the door of Dignam's house a boy ran out and called. Twittering the bat flew here, flew there. Far out over the sands the coming surf crept, grey." (U13.1173)
"Howth settled for slumber," (U18.1117)
"tired of long days, of yumyum rhododendrons (he was old) and felt gladly the night breeze lift, ruffle his fell of ferns. (U13.1177).
"He lay but opened a red eye unsleeping, deep and slowly breathing, slumberous but awake. And far on Kish bank the anchored lightship twinkled, winked at Mr Bloom." (U13.1179)
"Life those chaps out there must have, stuck in the same spot. Irish Lights board. Penance for their sins. Coastguards too. Rocket and breeches buoy and lifeboat. Day we went out for the pleasure cruise in the Erin's King, throwing them the sack of old papers." (U13.1182)
"Bears in the zoo." (U13.1185)

Dublin Zoo (located in Phoenix Park, and initially called the Zoological Gardens), opened on September 1st 1831 under the auspices of the Zoological Society of Dublin (founded in 1830 for that purpose). It is the third oldest zoo in the world, after London and Paris. The original animals, 46 mammals and 72 birds, were donated by the London Zoo. In this period ad, we see the Zoo's opening hours as well as the entrance fees. The zoo was proud of its lions; one of them went on to become a roaring lion in the MGM movie credits.
"Bears in the zoo. Filthy trip." (U13.1185)
On June 17th 1903 an elephant named Sita killed a keeper who was nursing her injured foot, and was put down by members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. That incident may have given a bad name to the Zoo in Bloom's mind. The Zoo is still a popular Dublin attraction, and is a member of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).
"Drunkards out to shake up their livers. Puking overboard to feed the herrings. Nausea. And the women, fear of God in their faces." (U13.1186)
"Milly, no sign of funk. Her blue scarf loose, laughing. Don't know what death is at that age. And then their stomachs clean." (U13.1187)