"Sad however because it lasts only a few years" (U13.952)
"till they settle down to potwalloping and papa's pants will soon fit Willy and fullers' earth for the baby when they hold him out to do ah ah. No soft job. Saves them. Keeps them out of harm's way. Nature." (U13.953)
"Washing child, washing corpse. Dignam." (U13.956)
"Children's hands always round them. Cocoanut skulls, monkeys, not even closed at first, sour milk in their swaddles and tainted curds." (U13.956)
"Oughtn't to have given that child an empty teat to suck. Fill it up with wind. Mrs Beaufoy, Purefoy." (U13.958)
"Must call to the hospital. Wonder is nurse Callan there still. She used to look over some nights when Molly was in the Coffee Palace. That young doctor O'Hare I noticed her brushing his coat. And, Mrs Breen and Mrs Dignam once like that too, marriageable." (U13.959)
"Worst of all at night Mrs Duggan told me in the City Arms. Husband rolling in drunk, stink of pub off him like a polecat. Have that in your nose in the dark, whiff of stale boose." (U13.963)
"Then ask in the morning: was I drunk last night?" (U13.965)
"Bad policy however to fault the husband. Chickens come home to roost." (U13.966)
"They stick by one another like glue. Maybe the women's fault also. That's where Molly can knock spots off them. It's the blood of the south. Moorish. Also the form, the figure. Hands felt for the opulent" (U13.967)
"Just compare for instance those others. Wife locked up at home, skeleton in the cupboard. Allow me to introduce my. Then they trot you out some kind of a nondescript, wouldn't know what to call her. Always see a fellow's weak point in his wife." (U13.970)
"Still there's destiny in it, falling in love. Have their own secrets between them. Chaps that would go to the dogs if some woman didn't take them in hand. Then little chits of girls, height of a shilling in coppers, with little hubbies." (U13.973)
"As God made them He matched them. Sometimes children turn out well enough. Twice nought makes one." (U13.976)

"Or old rich chap of seventy and blushing bride. Marry in May and repent in December. This wet is very unpleasant. Stuck. Well the foreskin is not back. Better detach.
Ow!" (U13.977)
"Other hand a sixfooter with a wifey up to his watchpocket." (U13.982)
"Long and the short of it. Big he and little she." (U13.982)