"and our Huguenot poplin that we have" (U9.1245)
"since Jacquard de Lyon" (U9.1245)
"and our woven silk and our Foxford tweeds" (U12.1246)
"and ivory raised point from the Carmelite convent in New Ross, nothing like it in the whole wide world. Where are the Greek merchants that came through the pillars of Hercules, the Gibraltar now grabbed by the foe of mankind, with gold and Tyrian purple" (U12.1246)
"to sell in Wexford at the fair of Carmen?" (U12.1250)
"Read Tacitus and Ptolemy, even Giraldus Cambrensis. Wine, peltries, Connemara marble, silver from Tipperary, second to none, our farfamed horses even today, the Irish hobbies, with king Philip of Spain offering to pay customs duties for the right to fish in our waters." (U12.1250)
"What do the yellowjohns of Anglia owe us for our ruined trade and our ruined hearths? And the beds of the Barrow and Shannon they won't deepen " (U12.1254)
"with millions of acres of marsh and bog to make us all die of consumption?
- As treeless as Portugal we'll be soon, says John Wyse, or Heligoland with its one tree if something is not done to reafforest the land." (U12.1256)
"Larches, firs, all the trees of the conifer family are going fast.." (U12.1259)
"I was reading a report of lord Castletown's ..." (U12.1260)
"-Save them, says the citizen, the giant ash of Galway and the chieftain elm of Kildare with a fortyfoot bole and an acre of foliage. Save the trees of Ireland for the future men of Ireland on the fair hills of Eire, O.
- Europe has its eyes on you, says Lenehan." (U12.1262)

This PC gives a verse of the poem by James Clarence Mangan that the Citizen is quoting. It also shows 2 symbols of Ireland (the crown and the harp) and the shields of the 4 Irish provinces.
"The fashionable international world attended en masse this afternoon at the wedding of the chevalier Jean Wyse de Neaulan, grand high chief ranger of the Irish National Foresters, with with Miss Fir Conifer of Pine Valley." (U12.1266)
"Lady Sylvester Elmshade, Mrs Barbara Lovebirch, Mrs Poll Ash," (U12.1269)

I could not find Mrs Poll Ash but his is a PC of the lovely Edwardian stage actress Miss Maie Ash. She would have fit very nicely in the wedding party.
"Mrs Holly Hazeleyes, Miss Daphne Bays, Miss Dorothy Canebrake, Mrs Clyde Twelvetrees, Mrs Rowan Greene, Mrs Helen Vinegadding, Miss Virginia Creeper, Miss Gladys Beech, Miss Olive Garth, Miss Blanche Maple, Mrs Maud Mahogany, Miss Myra Myrtle, Miss Priscilla Elderflower," (U12.1270)
"Miss Bee Honeysuckle, Miss Grace Poplar," (U12.1274)
"Miss O Mimosa San, Miss Rachel Cedarfrond," (U12.1274)
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