"Wanted, smart lady typist to aid gentleman in literary work. I called you naughty darling because I do not like that other world." (U8.326)

This is a PC from 1905.
"Please tell me what is the meaning. Please tell me what perfume does your wife. Tell me who made the world. The way they spring those questions on you." (U8.328)
"And the other one Lizzie Twigg. My literary efforts have had the good fortune to meet with the approval of the eminent poet A. E. (Mr Geo. Russell). No time to do her hair drinking sloppy tea with a book of poetry." ([U8.330])
"Best paper by long chalks for a small ad. Got the provinces now. Cook and general, exc cuisine, housemaid kept." (U8.334)
"Wanted live man for spirit counter." (U8.335)
"Resp girl (R.C.) wishes to hear of post in fruit or pork shop. James Carlisle made that." (U8.336)

The sign above Jameson at No. 87 advertises 'Daily Express Servants Registry'.
"Six and a half per cent dividend. Made a big deal on Coates's shares." (U8.337)
"Ca'canny. Cunning old Scotch hunks. All the today news. Our gracious and popular vicereine. Bought the Irish Field now." (U8.338)
"Lady Mountcashel has quite recovered after her confinement and rode out with the Ward Union staghounds at the enlargement yesterday at Rathoath." (U8.340)
"Uneatable fox." (U8.342)
"Pothunters too. Fear injects juices make it tender enough for them." (U8.342)
"Riding astride. Sit her horse like a man. Weightcarrying huntress. No sidesaddle or pillion for her," (U8.343)

In contrast to Lady Mountcashel, Queen Victoria has her portrait done riding a sidesaddle. The sidesaddle was designed for women, as it was considered unladylike to straddle a horse whilst riding.
"not for Joe." (U8.344)
"First to the meet and in at the death." (U8.344)
"Strong as a brood mare some of those horsey women. Swagger around livery stables. Toss off a glass of brandy neat while you'd say knife." (U8.345)

This PC (1906) shows a strong horsey Jockey, #13 in a series from France titled 'Women of the Future.'
"That one at the Grosvenor this morning. Up with her on the car: wishswish. Stonewall or fivebarred gate put her mount to it. Think that pugnosed driver did it out of spite. Who is this she was like? O yes!" (U8.347)
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