"- But wait, Mr Bloom said. He wants it changed. Keyes, you see. He wants two keys at the top.
Hell of a racket they make. He doesn't hear it. Nannan. Iron nerves. Maybe he understands what I." (U7.126)

This is a (much later) similar design for the R.A.F. No. 16 Squadron.
"The foreman turned round to hear patiently and, lifting an elbow, began to scratch slowly in the armpit of his alpaca jacket.
- Like that, Mr Bloom said, crossing his forefingers at the top.
Let him take that in first.
Mr Bloom, glancing sideways up from the cross he had made, saw the foreman's sallow face, think he has a touch of jaundice," (U7.130)
"and beyond the obedient reels feeding in huge webs of paper. Clank it. Clank it. Miles of it unreeled." (U7.135)
"What becomes of it after? O, wrap up meat, parcels: various uses, thousand and one things.
Slipping his words deftly into the pauses of the clanking he drew swiftly on the scarred woodwork.


- Like that, see. Two crossed keys here. A circle. Then here the name. Alexander Keyes, tea, wine and spirit merchant. So on.
Better not teach him his own business.
- You know yourself, councillor, just what he wants. Then round the top in leaded: the house of keys. You see? Do you think that's a good idea?" (U7.137)
"The foreman moved his scratching hand to his lower ribs and scratched there quietly." (U7.147)
"- The idea, Mr Bloom said, is the house of keys. You know, councillor, the Manx parliament." (U7.149)
"Innuendo of home rule." (U7.150)
"Tourists, you know, from the isle of Man. Catches the eye, you see. Can you do that?
I could ask him perhaps about how to pronounce that voglio. But then if he didn't know only make it awkward for him. Better not.
- We can do that, the foreman said. Have you the design?
- I can get it, Mr Bloom said. It was in a Kilkenny paper. He has a house there too. I'll just run out and ask him. Well, you can do that and just a little par calling attention. You know the usual. Highclass licensed premises. Longfelt want. So on." (U7.150)

On the back of this photograph is pencilled "Uncle Andy and his family during their trip in Ireland."
"The foreman thought for an instant.
- We can do that, he said. Let him give us a three months' renewal.
A typesetter brought him a limp galleypage. He began to check it silently. Mr Bloom stood by, hearing the loud throbs of cranks, watching the silent typesetters at their cases." (U8.159)

Want to be sure of his spelling. Proof fever. Martin Cunningham forgot to give us his spellingbee conundrum this morning. It is amusing to view the unpar one ar alleled embarra two ars is it? double ess ment of a harassed pedlar while gauging au the symmetry with a y of a peeled pear under a cemetery wall. Silly, isn't it?" (U7.164)
"Cemetery put in of course on account of the symmetry." (U7.169)
"I could have said when he clapped on his topper. Thank you. I ought to have said something about an old hat or something. No, I could have said. Looks as good as new now. See his phiz then." (U7.171)
"Sllt. The nethermost deck of the first machine jogged forward its flyboard with sllt the first batch of quirefolded papers. Sllt. Almost human the way it sllt to call attention. Doing its level best to speak. That door too sllt creaking, asking to be shut. Everything speaks in its own way. Sllt." (U7.174)

The foreman handed back the galleypage suddenly, saying:
- Wait. Where's the archbishop's letter? It's to be repeated in the Telegraph." (U7.178)
"Where's what's his name?
He looked about him round his loud unanswering machines.
- Monks, sir? a voice asked from the castingbox.
- Ay. Where's Monks?
- Monks!
Mr Bloom took up his cutting. Time to get out." (U7.181)
"- Then I'll get the design, Mr Nannetti, he said, and you'll give it a good place I know.
- Monks!
- Yes, sir.
Three months' renewal. Want to get some wind off my chest first. Try it anyhow. Rub in August: good idea: horseshow month." (U7.188)
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