"I hope hes not going to get in with those medicals leading him astray to imagine hes young again coming in at 4 in the morning it must be if not more still he had the manners not to wake me" (U18.925)
"what do they find to gabber about all night squandering money and getting drunker and drunker couldnt they drink water" (U18.928)
"then he starts giving us his orders for eggs and tea and Findon haddy and hot buttered toast I suppose well have him sitting up like the king of the country pumping the wrong end of the spoon up and down in his egg wherever he learned that from and I love to hear him falling up the stairs of a morning with the cups rattling on the tray" (U18.929)
"and then play with the cat she rubs up against you for her own sake I wonder has she fleas" (U18.934)
"shes as bad as a woman always licking and lecking but I hate their claws I wonder do they see anything that we cant staring like that when she sits at the top of the stairs so long and listening as I wait always what a robber too that lovely fresh place I bought" (U18.935)
"I think Ill get a bit of fish tomorrow or today is it Friday yes I will with some blancmange with black currant jam like long ago not those 2lb pots of mixed plum and apple from the London and Newcastle Williams and Woods goes twice as far" (U18.939)
"only for the bones I hate those eels cod yes Ill get a nice piece of cod Im always getting enough for 3 forgetting anyway Im sick of that everlasting butchers meat from Buckleys loin chops and leg beef and rib steak and scrag of mutton and calfs pluck the very name is enough" (U18.942)
"or a picnic suppose we all gave 5/- each and or let him pay it and invite some other woman for him who Mrs Fleming and drove out to the furry glen" (U18.946)
"or the strawberry beds" (U18.948)

From a Dublin guidebook (1895): "The strawberry beds extend for about 2 miles along the northern bank of the Liffey, from which river they are separated by a road leading to Lucan. The banks upon which the fruit is cultivated, rise almost perpendicularly to the right. The neatly thatched cottages, with their pretty gardens, and roses or woodbine twining round their doorways, are kept by persons who live chiefly by the sale of strawberries and cream during the months of June and July."
"wed have him examining all the horses toenails first like he does with the letters no not with Boylan there yes with some cold veal and ham mixed sandwiches" (U18.948)
"there are little houses down at the bottom of the banks there on purpose but its as hot as blazes he says not a bank holiday anyhow I hate those ruck of Mary Ann coalboxes out for the day" (U18.950)
Mary Ann was a name commonly assigned in stereotype to a lower class or servant girl. The dandy in this SV is exclaiming: "Hiven only knows how Mary Ann iver sid yis".
"Whit Monday is a cursed day too no wonder that bee bit him better the seaside" (U18.953)
"but Id never again in this life get into a boat with him after him at Bray telling the boatman he knew how to row" (U18.954)
"if anyone asked could he ride the steeplechase for the gold cup hed say yes" (U18.955)
"then it came on to get rough the old thing crookeding about and the weight all down my side telling me pull the right reins now pull the left and the tide all swamping in floods in through the bottom and his oar slipping out of the stirrup" (U18.956)
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