"domineering because she never could get over the Atlantic fleet coming in half the ships of the world and the Union Jack flying with all her carabineros" (U18.754)
"because 4 drunken English sailors took all the rock from them" ([U18.756])

Gibraltar was captured during the War of the Spanish Succession. On August 4th 1704, after 6 hours of bombardment starting at 5:00 am, some 1800 Dutch and British marines, commanded by Admiral Sir George Rooke, captured Gibraltar. General Roger Elliott (ca.1665-1714) was one of the earliest British Governors of Gibraltar.
British sovereignty over Gibraltar was subsequently recognized by the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) and has persisted ever since, despite attempts by Spain to reclaim it.
"and because I didnt run into mass often enough in Santa Maria to please her with her shawl up on her" (U18.757)
"except when there was a marriage on with all her miracles of the saints and her black blessed virgin with the silver dress and the sun dancing 3 times on Easter Sunday morning and when the priest was going by with the bell bringing the vatican to the dying blessing herself for his Majestad" (U18.757)
"an admirer he signed it I near jumped out of my skin I wanted to pick him up when I saw him following me along the Calle Real in the shop window then he tipped me just in passing but I never thought hed write making an appointment" (U18.762)
"I had it inside my petticoat bodice all day reading it up in every hole and corner while father was up at the drill instructing to find out by the handwriting or the language of stamps singing I remember shall I wear a white rose" (U18.765)

The language of stamps explained on a PC: the location of the stamp, together with its direction and angle, transmits a message.
The language of stamps on a PC from France: there is pretty good concordance with the English version, but the negative messages have been taken out!
This is a version in Dutch, for our friends from Antwerp.
"and I wanted to put on the old stupid clock to near the time he was the first man kissed me under the Moorish wall my sweetheart when a boy" (U18.768)
"it never entered my head what kissing meant till he put his tongue in my mouth" (U18.770)
"his mouth was sweetlike young I put my knee up to him a few times to learn the way what did I tell him I was engaged for fun to the son of a Spanish nobleman named Don Miguel de la Flora and he believed me that I was to be married to him in 3 years time theres many a true word spoken in jest there is a flower that bloometh" (U18.771)
"a few things I told him true about myself just for him to be imagining the Spanish girls he didnt like I suppose one of them wouldnt have him I got him excited he crushed all the flowers on my bosom he brought me he couldnt count the pesetas and the perragordas till I taught him Cappoquin he came from he said" (U18.776)
"on the black water" (U18.780)
"but it was too short then the day before he left May yes it was May when the infant king of Spain was born Im always like that in the spring Id like a new fellow every year up on the tiptop under the rockgun near OHaras tower I told him it was struck by lightning" (U18.780)

Molly is correct. Alfonso XIII of Spain, seen here as an adult with his wife and new baby, was born May 17th 1886. The birth (and sex of the baby) were anxiously awaited as his father Alfonso XII had died, and the royal couple had 2 daughters. Alfonso XIII was proclaimed King at his birth, and thus never held the Spanish title given to the heir (Infante, or Prince of Asturias). He reigned 1886 - 1931.
"and all about the old Barbary apes they sent to Clapham without a tail careering all over the show on each others back" (U18.784)

Though commonly referred to as the 'Barbary Ape', the Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus species) is a monkey, but with just a stub of a tail. It is yellowish-brown to grey with lighter undersides, with a dark pink face. Its front limbs are longer than its hind limbs. It grows to a maximum size of 75 cm (30 in) and 13 kg (29 lb). Females are somewhat smaller than males. It feeds mostly on leaves, roots, and fruit. It peacefully co-exists with other primates. It is a gregarious monkey, forming mixed groups of several females and males; the troop (10-30 individuals) is matriarchal. The males participate in rearing the young, and much time is spent playing and grooming.
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