"Did they find their educational careers similar?

Substituting Stephen for Bloom Stoom would have passed successively through a dame's school and the high school. Substituting Bloom for Stephen Blephen would have passed successively through the preparatory, junior, middle and senior grades of the intermediate" (U15.548)
"through the matriculation, first arts, second arts and arts degree courses of the royal university." (U17.553)
"What proofs did Bloom adduce to prove that his tendency was towards applied, rather than towards pure, science?

Certain possible inventions of which he had cogitated when reclining in a state of supine repletion to aid digestion," (17.561)
"stimulated by his appreciation of the importance of inventions now common but once revolutionary, for example, the aeronautic parachute," (U17.564)
"the reflecting telescope, the spiral corkscrew," (U17.566)
"the safety pin," (U17.567)
"the mineral water siphon, the canal lock with winch and sluice, the suction pump." (U17.567)
"Were these inventions principally intended for an improved scheme of kindergarten?

Yes, rendering obsolete popguns, elastic airbladders, games of hazard, catapults." (U17.569)
"They comprised astronomical kaleidoscopes exhibiting the twelve constellations of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces, miniature mechanical orreries, arithmetical gelatine lozenges, geometrical to correspond with zoological biscuits, globemap playing balls," (U17.572)
"historically costumed dolls." (U17.575)
"What also stimulated him in his cogitations?

The financial success achieved by Ephraim Marks and Charles A. James," (U17.576)
"the former by his 1d bazaar at 42 George's Street, South," (U17.578)
This PC of Henry street shows, at No. 37 the 'Original Pennybazaar' of E. Marks. It may be a branch opened later as Thom's 1904 lists Marks Pennybazaar only at 42 George's street.
"the latter at his 6 1/2d shop and world's fancy fair and waxwork exhibition at 30 Henry Street, admission 2d, children 1d:" (U17.578)
Waxworks, contemporary to Ulysses, showing various royalty and world leaders - including King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.
"Such as?

K.11. Kino's 11/- Trousers.
House of Keys. Alexander J. Keyes." ([U17.585])

(Image courtesy of the ZJJF)
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