" *** " (U10.1175)
"William Humble, earl of Dudley," (U10.1176)

William Humble Ward (1867 - 1932), 2nd Earl of Dudley (1885 - 1932). He was a Conservative politician who served as Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (1902 - 1905), then as Governor-General of Australia (1908 - 1911).
Earl of Dudley, of Dudley Castle in the County of Stafford, is a title that has been created twice in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, in 1827 then in 1860, both times for members of the Ward family. This family descends from Sir Humble Ward, the son of a wealthy goldsmith and jeweller to Charles I.

This is a CDV of William Ward (1817 - 1885), first Earl of Dudley in its second creation (1860). He provided financial support for the restoration of Worcester Cathedral and there is a monument to him in the cathedral. William Ward married Selina Constance de Burgh (1851); she died the same year at the age of 22, they had no children. He then married Georgina Elisabeth Moncreiffe (1865), a famous 'professional beauty'. Their eldest son was William Humble Ward, who became 2nd Earl of Dudley in 1885; he was Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland in 1904. He was succeeded by his eldest son, William Humble Eric Ward, 3rd Earl of Dudley in 1932. The title is currently held by William Humble Davis Ward (b. 1920), 4th Earl of Dudley since 1969.
"and Lady Dudley," (U10.1176)

Lady Dudley was Rachel Gurney (1876 - 1920), the daughter of Charles Gurney, a quaker banker. She married William Humble Ward, 2nd Earl of Dudley, in 1891. They legally separated in 1919, though the separation was not made public. She died in Ireland in 1920, drowned while swimming in Camus Bay, Co. Galway.
"accompanied by lieutenantcolonel Hesseltine, drove out after luncheon from the viceregal lodge." (U10.1176)
"In the following carriage were the honourable Mrs Paget, Miss de Courcy" (U10.1178)
"and the honourable Gerald Ward, A.D.C. in attendance." (U10.1179)
"The cavalcade" (U10.1180)
"passed out by the lower gate of Phoenix Park saluted by obsequious policemen." (U10.1180)
"and proceeded past Kingsbridge along the northern quays." (U10.1181)
"The viceroy was most cordially greeted on his way through the metropolis. At Bloody bridge Mr Thomas Kernan beyond the river greeted him vainly from afar Between Queen's and Whitworth bridges lord Dudley's viceregal carriages passed and were unsaluted by Mr Dudley White, B. L., M. A., who stood on Arran quay outside Mrs M. E. White's, the pawnbroker's, at the corner of Arran street west" (U10.1182)
"stroking his nose with his forefinger, undecided whether he should arrive at Phibsborough more quickly by a triple change of tram or by hailing a car or on foot through Smithfield, Constitution hill" (U10.1187)
"and Broadstone terminus." (U10.1190)
"In the porch of Four Courts Richie Goulding with the costsbag of Goulding, Collis and Ward saw him with surprise." (U10.1190)
"Past Richmond bridge at the doorstep of the office of Reuben J. Dodd, solicitor, agent for the Patriotic Insurance Company," (U10.1192)
"an elderly female about to enter changed her plan and retracing her steps by King's windows smiled credulously on the representative of His Majesty. From its sluice in Wood quay wall under Tom Devan's office Poddle river hung out in fealty a tongue of liquid sewage." (U10.1193)
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