"That's press. That's talent. Pyatt! He was all their daddies!
— The father of scare journalism, Lenehan confirmed, and the brother-in-law of Chris Callinan." (U7.688)

Félix Pyat (1810 - 1889) was a French Socialist politician and journalist. He was known for his virulent left wing writing and political activism, and outbursts against the authorities: he proposed a motion to abolish the presidential office; he joined the abortive radicalist attempt of June 13th 1849; he glorified regicide after Orsini's attempt against Napoleon III; he took part in the revolution of September 4th 1870 (demanding a republic). He published 'Le Combat' (suppressed in 1871) then the equally virulent 'Vengeur'. He repeatedly left France (for Belgium, Switzerland, or England) to avoid prosecution.
He was active in the Paris Commune (March-May 1871), directing acts of violence. He escaped the revenge of the Versailles government, and crossed the frontier in safety. He was condemned to death in absentia in 1873, but came back to Paris after the general amnesty of July 1880. He was elected deputy for Bouches-du-Rhone in 1888, took his seat on the extreme Left, but died the following year.