"Secrets for enlarging your private parts. Misconduct of society belle." (U12.1169)

Richard Fox exposed the prejudice and bigotry that were prevalent at the time, and exploited their shock values: against Blacks, Jews and Chinese, foreigners in general, clergymen, the upper class, politicians etc. The Police Gazette reported (with illustrations) on all sorts of scandals and petty crimes, as well as sports and theater.

Fox introduced many innovations in journalism: the concept of the illustrated paper, the sports page, the gossip column, and the 'centerfold' (there was a 'Favorite of the Footlights' in many issues). His contributions to sports were significant: he made boxing popular, but also respectable and legal. The Police Gazette was immensely popular.

The advertisement section offered remedies for various ailments and 'habits'. The Police Gazette also promoted various self-publications.

Fox died in 1922, a multimillionaire. By that time the tabloids had started, photography had been introduced into magazines, and the Police Gazette was in decline for many years.