"- A dishonoured wife, says the citizen, that's what's the cause of all our misfortunes.
- And here she is, says Alf, that was giggling over the Police Gazette with Terry on the counter, in all her warpaint.
And what was it only one of the smutty yankee pictures Terry borrows off of Corny Kelleher." (U12.1163)

The Police Gazette was a weekly 'yankee' magazine, its offices in New York. As seen in this issue from 1882, the full title was 'The National Police Gazette: The Leading Illustrated Sporting Journal in America'.

The Police Gazette began publication in 1845. In 1876-77, it was taken over by Richard Kyle Fox, an Irishman from Belfast who had emigrated to America in 1874. Fox made the Police Gazette an extremely successful 'sensationalist' publication.