"she felt honoured H R H he was in Gibraltar the year I was born" (U18.500)

"I bet he found lilies there too where he planted the tree" (U18.501)

"he planted more than that in his time he might have planted me too if hed come a bit sooner then I wouldnt be here as I am" (U18.502)
"he ought to chuck that Freeman with the paltry few shillings he knocks out of it and go into an office or something where hed get regular pay or a bank where they could put him up on a throne to count the money all the day of course he prefers plottering about the house so you cant stir with him any side whats your programme today" (U18.503)
"I wish hed even smoke a pipe like father to get the smell of a man or pretending to be mooching about for advertisements when he could have been in Mr Cuffes still only for what he did then sending me to try and patch it up I could have got him promoted there to be the manager he gave me a great mirada once or twice first he was as stiff as the mischief really and truly Mrs Bloom" (U18.508)
"only I felt rotten simply with the old rubbishy dress that I lost the leads out of the tails with no cut in it but theyre coming into fashion again I bought it simply to please him I knew it was no good by the finish pity I changed my mind of going to Todd and Burns as I said" (U18.513)
"and not Lees it was just like the shop itself rummage sale a lot of trash I hate those rich shops get on your nerves nothing kills me altogether" (U18.517)
"only he thinks he knows a great lot about a womans dress and cooking mathering everything he can scour off the shelves into it" (U18.519)
"if I went by his advices every blessed hat I put on does that suit me yes take that thats alright" (U18.520)

Some hat fashions from 1904.
"the one like a weddingcake standing up miles off my head he said suited me" (U18.522)
"or the dishcover one coming down on my backside" (U18.523)
"on pins and needles about the shopgirl in that place in Grafton street I had the misfortune to bring him into" (U18.523)
"on pins and needles about the shopgirl in that place in Grafton street I had the misfortune to bring him into" (U18.523)
"and she as insolent as ever she could be with her smirk saying Im afraid were giving you too much trouble what shes there for but I stared it out of her yes" (U18.525)
"he was awfully stiff and no wonder but he changed the second time he looked Poldy pigheaded as usual like the soup" (U18.527)
"but I could see him looking very hard at my chest when he stood up to open the door for me it was nice of him to show me out in any case Im extremely sorry Mrs Bloom believe me without making it too marked the first time after him being insulted and me being supposed to be his wife" (U18.529)
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