"Pisser Burke was telling me in the hotel the wife used to be in rivers of tears sometimes with Mrs O'Dowd crying her eyes out with her eight inches of fat all over her." (U12.839)
"Couldn't loosen her farting strings but old cod's eye was waltzing around her" (U12.841)
"showing her how to do it. What's your programme today? Ay." (U12.842)
"Humane methods. Because the poor animals suffer and experts say and the best known remedy that doesn't cause pain to the animal and on the sore spot administer gently. Gob, he'd have a soft hand under a hen.
Ga Ga Gara. Klook Klook Klook." (U12.843)
"Black Liz is our hen. She lays eggs for us. When she lays her egg she is so glad. Gara. Klook Klook Klook. Then comes good uncle Leo. He puts his hand under black Liz and takes her fresh egg. Ga ga ga ga Gara. Klook Klook Klook." (U12.846)
"- Anyhow, says Joe. Field and Nannetti are going over tonight to London to ask about it on the floor of the House of Commons." (U12.850)
"- Are you sure, says Bloom, the councillor is going? I wanted to see him, as it happens.
- Well, he's going off by the mailboat, says Joe, tonight.
- That's too bad, says Bloom. I wanted particularly. Perhaps only Mr Field is going. I couldn't phone. No. You're sure?" (U12.852)

This is a PC of RMS (= Royal Mail Service) Ulster, one of the mailboats operating between Kingstown and Holyhead on the Irish sea in 1904. The others were RMS Munster, Leinster and Connaught.
The distance from Kingstown to Holyhead was 64 miles, and the trip took 3 hrs. An express train then took passengers from Holyhead to London.
"Have similar orders been issued for the slaughter of human animals who dare to play Irish games in the Phoenix park?" (U12.869)
"Mr Allfours: The answer is in the negative.
Mr Cowe Conacre: Has the right honourable gentleman's famous Mitchelstown telegram inspired the policy of gentlemen on the Treasury bench? (O! O!)
Mr Allfours: I must have notice of that question." (U12.872)
"— There's the man, says Joe, that made the Gaelic sports revival. There he is sitting there." (U12.880)
"The man that got away James Stephens. The champion of all Ireland at putting the sixteen pound shot. What was your best throw, citizen?
— Na bacleis , says the citizen, letting on to be modest. There was a time I was as good as the next fellow anyhow.” (U 12.881)
"- Put it there, citizen, says Joe. You were and a bloody sight better.
- Is that really a fact? says Alf.
- Yes, says Bloom. That's well known. Did you not know that?
So off they started about Irish sport" (U12.886)
"shoneen games the like of the lawn tennis" (U12.889)

Shoneen (Anglo-Irish, derogatory) is one who prefers English attitudes, customs or lifestyle to Irish ones. This is a PC of famous English stage actress Marie Studholme (1874 - 1930) posing in a tennis outfit.
"A most interesting discussion took place in the ancient hall of Brian O'Ciarnain's in Sraid na Bretaine Bheag, under the auspices of Sluagh na h-Eireann, on the revival of ancient Gaelic sports and the importance of physical culture, as understood in ancient Greece and ancient Rome and ancient Ireland, for the development of the race." (12.897)
"The Irish Caruso-Garibaldi was in superlative form and his stentorian notes were heard to the greatest advantage in the timehonoured anthem sung as only our citizen can sing it. " (U12.919)
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