"- The art of being a grandfather, Mr Best gan murmur. L'art d'Etre grandp..." (U10.425)

'L'Art d'Etre Grand-Père' (1877) is a collection of poems by Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885) celebrating the emotions of grand-fatherhood. It is his last book of poetry, written while in exile in Guernsey for his political views (against Napoleon). Victor Hugo dotes on his two grandchildren, Georges and Jeanne. He is acutely aware in his old age of childhood, as well as death and rebirth, springtime, innocence, love etc. Hugo had 5 children: Leopold-Victor (died in infancy), Leopoldine (drowned at 19), Charles-Victor, Francois-Victor, and Adèle; only Adèle outlived him.