A colorful character, Davy wrote an autobiography titled 'The Life and Times of Davy Stephens: the renowned Kingstown Newsman' where he describes himself thus: "His exterior is peculiar but prepossessing. Standing a little below the usual height for the proverbial Irishman, this point is quickly lost sight of in a deep well of wit, not yet completely sounded, beaming forth in his eyes. No one can say whether it is in the merry glance of his eye or in the quick repartee that issues from his lips, never for a moment sealed, that Davy's fortune lies. The corners of his mouth are turned up in a perpetual smile which his clean shaven chin tends to emphasise. [...] His hair hangs down over his shoulders in long strings, reminding one of that of Ulysses when tossed by the sea at the feet of the charming Nausicaa, and the fresh breezes of the Channel has reduced his complexion to a compromise between red and brown. In a black frieze overcoat and a soft Trilby hat he braves the cross-Channel gales in winter as readily as be broils beneath the portico of the railway station when the temperature is only 88 degrees in the shade. Atmospheric variations seemingly exert no influence on the perfect constitution of Davy. The scent of the briny and the glint of the sunshine are alike to him. Add to these particulars a fine rich brogue and the man is complete."