"Time to get a bath round the corner. Hammam. Turkish. Massage. Dirt gets rolled up in your navel. Nicer if a nice girl did it. Also I think I. Yes I. Do it in the bath. Curious longing I. Water to water. Combine business with pleasure. Pity no time for massage. Feel fresh then all day. Funeral be rather glum." (U5.502)

A Dublin guidebook (1895) lists the following baths:
* St Stephen's Green Baths, at the west side of St Stephen's Green Park. This establishment provides excellent and varied accomodation, including Turkish baths, with plunge, hot and cold water, fresh and salt, electric and medicated baths. A special department for ladies.
* The Turkish Baths, in Lincoln place, close to Westland Row Terminus, afford good accomodation both for Ladies and Gentlemen. All kinds of water baths (swimming baths excepted) are here provided.
* The Hammam Hotel and Turkish Baths, in Upper Sackville street, are commodious and well conducted. Warm and cold water baths may be had also.
* 11 Leinster street. Turkish and other baths. [This is the hammam around the corner from Bloom].
* Nassau Place. Hot and cold water baths; first, second and third class.