Miss Kennedy, pouring now a fulldrawn tea, grimaced and prayed:
— O, don't remind me of him for mercy' sake!
— But wait till I tell you, miss Douce entreated.
Sweet tea miss Kennedy having poured with milk plugged both two ears with little fingers.
— No, don't, she cried.
— I won't listen, she cried.
But Bloom?
Miss Douce grunted in snuffy fogey's tone:
— For your what? says he.
Miss Kennedy unplugged her ears to hear, to speak: but said, but prayed again:
— Don't let me think of him or I'll expire. The hideous old wretch! That night in the Antient Concert Rooms.
She sipped distastefully her brew, hot tea, a sip, sipped, sweet tea." (U11.126)