"Haines asked:
- Do you pay rent for this tower?
- Twelve quid, Buck Mulligan said.
- To the secretary of state for war, Stephen added over his shoulder." (U1.537)

The position of Secretary of State for War, commonly called War Secretary, was a British cabinet-level position, first applied to Henry Dundas (appointed in 1794). In 1801 the post became that of Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. The position remained till 1964. The Secretary of State headed the War Office and was assisted by a Parliamentary Private Secretary, who was also a Member of Parliament, and a Military Secretary, who was a general. In 1904, the Secretary of State for War was Hugh Oakeley Arnold Foster (1903 - 1905); this card shows his predecessor the Rt Hon. St. John Brodrick (1900 - 1903).